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Hey everybody,

I have been a long time lurker member of this forum and I decided to start logging my training.
I am a Dutch student (25y/o) finishing my master’s in the Netherlands. I really started training regularly since august last year, but had a few breaks of a few weeks (5 weeks this winter during lockdown was the longest).

My background: I always was very unathletic growing up: very fat, and I grew insanely fast. I surpassed 6 feet at 10 y/o and my growth plates were removed when I was eleven. With X-rays, they made estimations of my height without surgery and it came out to 7’5-7’6. Glad that didn’t happen, so I am now a soaking wet 6’8-6’9 and 285 lbs.
Because I grew very fast my motor skills had a hard time catching up to my limb length and I despised sports. The first sport I liked was horseback riding when I was 15 and I picked up Kyokushin karate close after. Since then I moved to a student room and did kickboxing on-off for a few years, but had large breaks because I was too busy doing shit/drinking beer at my student association. Always struggled with weight, and always gain easily.
In January 2020 I decided I had enough of being fat (especially the summers suck) and started a fat loss journey which took me 6 months. I dropped from 265 to 220 by walking at least 10.000 steps every day in a morning hike, doing daily pushups, burpees and air squats and a strict vegetarian low carb-low fat diet-low everything diet. I ended up feeling way better: very springy with insane cardio compared to my past self. In September 2020 my life took a drastic change: funds were gonna dry out, so I had to work like a madman to earn enough savings to finish my masters, worked hard to finish 2 bachelor’s and my brand new relationship took a really bad turn because of a drug-related incident. I went into survival mode for almost a year and ate all my lost weight back. During that summer I decided to make the next college year the most productive of my life and started hitting the gym as well as I can.

I ran Brian alsruhe’s linear program for 6 weeks but took a break because my knees were killing me. Then I took up 5/3/1 for hardgainers, ran a few cycles with giant sets ala Brian Alruhe where my rep maxes increased nicely. Because of the hype @T3hPwnisher gives to 5/3/1 BBB I decided to run the BBB challenge and run 2 cycles of Beefcake after that. I repeated my 50% cycle because it was cut short, and just finished my 60% cycle. To be honest, I pretty much increase the weight on the BBB sets weekly because it feels more natural, but I try to hit the allotted % in the first or second week of the block.

All sets are run in giant set format which usually is core-lift-explosive movement for lower body and core-lift-row-pull apart for upper body. Rest times are minimal. The BBB sets I try to run in 20 minutes or less which is quite challenging with all the other work on top.

I will use this log to keep myself accountable for my training. I hope you enjoy it! Tips, advice and anything else is welcome!

Sincerely yours,



training may 9th 2022

Deadlift: 1x285 lbs, every 30 secondes for 10:00 minutes (21 reps total)

Bent over row drop set (no rest, just changing weights)
200x5, 155x10, 145x10, 132x10, 66x25

Front squat (no rest)
110x5, 121x4, 132x3, 143x2, 165x1

Just having fun for a week and a half. No giant sets or rhyme or reason in general, just some time doing hard work a trying rep ranges I normally don’t use. I weighed myself before training and decided to play with roughly that weight for something that seemed hard on the deadlift. The singles were nice and don’t really make me sore but very doable and felt a bit too easy. My TM for 5/3/1 is 320 for deadlift, which seems to be about right given my performance. The set directly after blew me away: 15 reps was pretty easy and I stopped because I was done with it, but there where at least 5 more reps in reserve. Training is serving me well.
Did some bent over rows because I barely use them and like the dropset with it. Front squats was more for mobility and becoming familiar than anything else.

may 10th 2022

OHP: 88 lbsx3 reps
Goblet squat 52 lbsx 5 reps

ohp 88, x10, x 10, x5 (max like 3 minutes rest in between sets)

Than I set the clock on 15 minutes and bust ass wenning warmup style:
30 lbs DB incline bench x 25 reps
30 lbs DB lying row x 25 reps
bench leg raise x 25 reps
→ dit that for 4 rounds

Rope extentions for tri’s: idk, went to failure a bunch of times, I guess 70 reps total

Notes: not that taxing of a day, OHP never seems to be. Did goblet squats and rolled legs to gain back mobility. My hips and knees always thank me when I do daily airsquats, so I need to bring that in practice. Got quite a bit of pretty heavy volume in, the wenning warmup was hard both on the muscles as the lungs. I really like this unscripted training for a while: I push hard and can try some rep ranges I barely use.

Training May 12th

Group session:
Bench: 132x8, 176x9, 192x4

Then: you-go-I-go with 3 guys:
1 station is bench, 1 is 10 lying db rows with 30 lbs.

For the bench:
88x 8 reps. Did that 6 rounds, felt like nothing, exploded so hard with it back left the bench
88x10 reps for 4 rounds
110x10 reps, and a final set to 20 reps

Finished with BB row drop set: 176x10, 154x10, 110x10, 88x10

Notes: I had a rough week. I went drinking on the 10th which totally escalated and was home by 4:30 in the morning. Almost overslept, went to my college, and was still drunk. I Felt fucked up, got a lot of stress for sleeping through an important task in the morning and felt very stressed all day.
Then I had so much stress for sleeping through a meeting the next day that I barely slept. Woke up tomorrow with pretty bad palpitations that I usually get when I had a rough night.
I did NOT feel like training, but my old roommate invited me to dinner and we went with another friend. I am pretty happy I went! Not that hard of a workout for me, but my old roommate was done hahaha. I think the giant set-BBB stuff build me some work capacity.

next to that: my right knee, and since today left knee are bothering me. I guess some goblet squats got too bouncy. I will pick those up next time because air squats didn’t really hurt, just a very deep knee bent.

Training may 13th

Warmup sets till 213x3
Then: you go I go with 1 partner
213x5 reps for 14 sets.
Repped out with 213x10 reps

30 lbs dumbbells clean and press, 10 reps for 5 sets. (rest instinctively, but pretty short

Fine workout, not an extreme ballbuster. My left inner thigh was bothering me for most of the workout. That really took out my explosiveness, especially in combination with the slightly wonky right knee. Still did a ton of work: I foresee some bad DOMS. I will try to pump some blood into the legs the coming days.

Training may 14th

21-15-9 with a superset of
Clean and squat with a slulshy water bag filled with 25 lbs (I guess)
Burpees with pushups

Time used: 13:40


Decided to steal a page out of @T3hPwnishers book again and did a short conditioning session with squats to get blood into my legs. DOMS haven’t really set in, and I hope this will keep them off. Pain in the inner thigh and knee seem mostly gone directly after this mini-workout. Hope it stays that way!

As usual: gassing big time for the first 5-minutes. After that my second lung kicks in and it is way more doable. At my Muay Thai class, I used to be pretty good at burpees, especially for my size. I missed some of that explosiveness, but I blame that mostly on being carefull training in my crammed room and adding a push up in each rep.

Sweating like an otter. Heart rate is down fast. Need to implement these things way more often!

Training May 15th

Interval: 6 rounds, 40 sec on/ 40 sec of
Slushy waterbag swings

Decided to keep the conditioning going
Hit around 20 reps each round, gotta count them. Tried planking in rest, but 1) I suck at that, 2) a caluse from my big toe ripped due to burpees so plank position hurt and 3) my feet kept slipping on the carpet. So I managed that for 2 rounds, and then I stopped.

40/40 with low sets isn’t really that hard on the lungs. Waterbag has some problems. I am afraid it will rip in my room. Next to that: it’s way bigger than a kettlebell, so I have to do a small front raise before my hip snap, or it will get almost stuck between my legs.
Since I have to fold the waterbag to vaguely resemble a kettlebell, I have to grip 2 pretty thick nylon handles that are trying to move apart from each other. So this felt more like a grip workout, my forearms are fried! Will keep playing with this to get rit of those stick figure forearms.

Training may 18th

some sets of 5, some of 3
Worked up to a max with new belt and chalk:
411x nope and one more try but nope

286x15, 10, 10 (little rest in between sets, guess 3 minutes max)

Bent over rows: 132x10, x10

Some rope jumping

Notes: A bit low volume for my taste, but I really pushed weights I have never tried before with a fuck ton of control and speed. I guess 290-295 was the heaviest I pulled since I seriously started lifting 5/3/1 style, so 367 was a huge PR. I liked the back offsets: my buddies who were cheering me on noted I can just keep repping with consistent form. I attribute that to the 5/3/1 BBB in giant sets.
Because I could destroy the volume sets, I have a feeling I can push up my max quite a bit. I think I will try some 5x5 double progression for deadlifts for a while to get volume in at a way higher intensity to get acclimated with heavier work. I hope 200 kg (440 lbs) will be in the books somewhere the next few months.

Training 20th May 2022

OHP (supersetted with 10 band pull aparts)

In 10 minutes (started as EMOM but things went different…) (supersetted with 10 band pull aparts)
110x 5,5,5,5,3,3,3,2 (31 reps total)

A few minutes rest, then a OHP dropsset with:

Than, trying to push the wenning warmup-esque shit harder:
Circuit of
4x25 30 lbs incline db bench
4x25 30 lbs db row lying bench row
4x25 bench leg raise
time: 19 minutes

10 minutes, every minute alternating arm:
52 lbs kettlebell farmers walk
(so in total 5 minutes farmers per arm, no rest)

Good workout, had a good pump. I think pushing all the sets in the emom set to 5x110 would be a good battle. If I can push the wenning style circuit to 15 minutes, I would like to go up, because there was ample resting in these sets. Farmers were cool, but more a grip than a core/conditioning. Keeping that in more to build thicker forearms would be cool.

My right trap froze up a bit, hope that evens out