Panic Attacks -Public Speaking

Need some advice/opinion.
After years of public speaking and having a great deal of success, I’ve had two panic attacks public speaking in the last year. I’ve taken advanced public speaking classes, won competitions,etc.

In July ‘05 at work, I had a panic attack public speaking. I had a tighteninig of my stomach, then my chest and had trouble breathing while presenting. Obviously, this was embarassing, and shocking to me. I had the same thing happen to me today at work. I tried to take in stride today, and not beat myself up. In between the July 05 episode and today’s gaffe, I’ve conducted many solid presentations.
The only similiarity between the two events is that I was under a lot of stress. Last year, I was leading a high stress project and this year, I’'m relatively new at work. We’re also moving into a new house, with 2 twin boys. I also think I was not as prepared as I should have been for each talk, not practicing.

Any thoughts? I’m at a loss about these attacks in task I normally enjoy. Thanks,

I also use propranolol for public speaking or other situations that cause anxiety. Works very well. Highly recommended for your situation.

I’m ignorant when it comes to the chemicals the other posters are mentioning but the best advice I ever received regarding public speaking was to speak to the audience in the same mindset as you speak to your friends and family.

Yeah that’s good advice.

Also just try to realx and think about why are you’re getting stressed out? Noone is going to shoot you or laugh at you. Rationalise it as much as you can and just do it. It will do great things for your confidence. But taking pills to mask symptoms sucks imo… It’s no long term solution to your problem.