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Panic Attacks During Dieting


i don't know what the fukc is wrong with me, like 4 month ago i went on a low carb diet , shortly afterwords panic attacks started , although my caloric intake was 2200cal per day.

did some research,reading, found out that low carb diet decreases serotonin levels in the brain which in turn cause panic attacks.

fast forward 2.5 weeks started on a keto diet , things were going fine the 1st week, then the last week and half p.attacks started and increased exponentially , the intervals between them every couple of hours, sometimes even while sleeping.

and i dont feel better unless i eat something sugary , high glycemic to be specific , anything carby.

i really don't know why this is happening to me, i live a clean life, i dont drink,smoke,blaze, for gods sake i don't even drink tea or coffee, i dont use any kind of thermogenics,fat burners not even protein.

anyone have any idea why this is happening , advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


keto aint for everybody . some people just can not handle it .try starting with about 100 carbs a day n see how you feel then increase them until the panick attacks stop .


Low carb diets aren't right for everyone. I personally do horribly on them. You CAN still get ripped/peeled/lose fat on high carb diets, but you'll have to compensate and drop calories elsewhere (I drop my fat down low). I go through the same thing, insomnia, feeling of panic, mind racing, lack of desire to train etc.

So I ask you; why are you following a keto diet if it's making you feel like shit?


cause i went on a low carb diet and i got panic attacks, i just tried keto for less then a month ,and thats it ,wanted to see how my body reacts to it


I felt awesome on keto. I didn't get enough cals, but mentally and physically I felt great. Try carb cycling if keto ain't for you.


This is where we recite the old joke about the guy who goes to the doctor: "Doc, it hurts my arm when I raise it like this"...


Hard to feel bad for you then if you went low carb, felt shitty then said to yourself, "Hey, I wonder what will happen if I drop my carbs EVEN lower..."


Lay out the diet and measurements for us. I have a very strong suspicion you didn't make it 60-70% fat as recommended to you before and/or you weren't consuming 2200 calories, but much lower.

I may very well be wrong.

Care to provide us?


Yeah, I agree with the above.

If you do a Ketogenic diet you MUST get 60-70% of your calories from fat, or you will feel like shit and the diet won't work. You cannot thrive of protein alone. This seems to be the #1 problem people have on the diet. Getting enough fat takes "work", i.e. the foods most Americans are accustomed to eating, don't have much fat in them, and when they do, it's typically not a whole food source attached to a bunch of carbs (like anything that comes in a chip bag).

Some people take longer to "feel good" on keto than others, but given that the first week was fine, my suspicion is you were better about getting your fats in that week/had glycogen stores, so you felt better, then ran out of both.


It also takes 4 to 8 weeks to adapt to a keto diet.


my problem isnt with keto diet, its with dieting ingeneral, whenever am goin on a cal deficit, i start feeling bad.

but anyways here's my stats

am 6"2 210 ,

diet was

165g Fat(1485cals)

<30G Carbs(120cals)

170g Pro.(680cals)

brekafast : 4 scrambleed eggs 2 pieces of mozerella cheese

snack 1 : 20 grams of almonds , tuna with cheese

lunch: 2 burgers with cheese and mayo

snack 2 : 2 tbsp of natural penut butter, 2 tbsp of olive oil

dinner : 2 pieces of steak, 1 large ceaser salad with 3 pieces of bacon and cheese

again myy problem isnt with keto , i just wanted to try it, to see how would my body react. like if am going to keep on having p.attacks


Is that set in stone? For sedentary lifestyles or active lifestyles? I thought I went keto in about 2 weeks or so. I'm sure everybody is different, but I can't imagine it takes up to 8 weeks.


Dude, I don't make fun of mental illness. With that said, do you know what a real panic attack is or have experienced one? I highly doubt someone who's not STARVING (literally, not just really hungry) will have full blown panic attacks during dieting unless they experience panic attacks while following their normal lifestyle eating habits.

So what is it? Extreme jitters or full blown panic attack?

D: It's quicker for someone physically active.


Personally, my first time hitting ketosis was after about a week and a half. Ever since then I can hit ketosis in under a week (been cycling in and out for well over a year now).


How long do you stay in keto and how do you transition off? Do you notice any weight gain immediately after keto?


Right. Sorry about that. I was just thinking generally, not only for physically active people.


I also was thinking of general well being and physical function which are subjective.


those panick attacks may be the first symptom of blood suger dropping , cold sweats , heart beatin faster , light headed etc . ive seen alot of people who dont recognise these symptoms and before you know it there hyperventilating and the next step is a panick attack .


well i feel what exactly lia67 said, except for the cold swets, the feeling is like emm, do u know when u get scared and u feel it in ur chest , i feel that, light headed , minor increase heart beat . i think thats hat panic attack feel like right??

and no when am normally eating i dont feel p.attacks

thats whats i feel bud, except for the cold sweats, and a minor icnrease in hb, and i dont
hyper ventilate.


as a few have said maybe keto just aint for you .
it s the transition period that sucks , once your in ketosis you feel cool. you could lose fat just as quick with a normal diet when your hypocalorific .
plus if its that hard for you you wont stick with it long term anyway.
at the end of the day its about energy in and energy out