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Panic Attacks After Injections Again


I had to abandon the daily protocol do to stange side effects of my skin burning and itching, it’s shame because I felt way better on a daily protocol. My E2 was much lower and this is the reason why I felt better.

Now it’s back to an EOD protocol, I already feel E2 is higher. It’s affected my mood and motivation negatively.


You think it had something to do with the preservatives in the test you were using, I think you mentioned that.

I feel my E2 rising as well, anxiety and depressive episodes are coming and going. I’m calling Defy Monday to see if ED is advisable. You were at 10mg a day?


I have no idea, if I was allergic it would be worse on infrequent larger doses (200mg 1mL) rather than very small doses. I can do 25mg EOD (Total T = 1053) and not have any of those rashes and hives issues, but can’t do 7mg daily = 417.

I was doing 7mg daily, 3 weeks later = TT 417, FT 14.7 E2 26 with 3 more weeks to go before stable state.

Found out I have fatty liver, my bodily functions have been broken for a long time and maybe it’s not metabolically ready for super stable daily testosterone injections.

Add to it Reverse T3 is high normal.


Sorry to hear about the fatty liver, my mother deals with liver issues as well, NASH.

Any treatments for your situation?

Your body is hitting the brakes, eh?


Lose weight, liver function tests look good.


Sounds positive!