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Panic Attack/Anxiety at Beginning of Cycle

Hello everyone.

I have been cycling on and off for years on short cycles (3 to 4 weeks), test prop only. Never had any issue.

Last cycle, I changed my source and did a test prop / mast wich was absolutely fine.

But… this cycle, I planned on doing test prop 750/week with a frontload of 500mg on day 1.

Started fine, feeling good pumps, everything was ok.

Day 2 I had an insomnia feeling way too much energic. I know that happens sometimes when androgens levels goes up.

Day 3 second injection. I had an insomnia, didn’t slept AT ALL. Felt incredibly energic.

BUT, started to feel my heart beatint HARD in my chest, anxiety going up, for hours until I started to think I was gonna die from a heart attack or becoming absolutely crazy.
Ended up at the doctors office, everything was fine, even blood pressure.

Since that, everything went wrong.
One moment to another, I would feel « normal again », but 2 hours later I would panick for absolutely nothing (like just being bitten by a bug, having a sunburn), then normal for 2 hours, then would cry for nothing, then normal…

I even start to have fears leading to small panick attacks about being in crowded places, driving too fast, being alone with my thoughts etc…

Normally, I feel incredibly confident, never had this, I an a really « chill » guy, never anxious or anything.

It’s been exactly 1 week since the panick attack, it seems to slowly go better as I seem to be more often « normal » and less often in panick… but it’s still hell.

I think about stupidly elevated oestrogens? What do you guys think about it?

I kept test at roughtly 300mgs/week, hoping to feel the « feel awesome » from the test the time extra oestrogens will clear VS crashing directly into PCT.

If you could help me guys, or if you just had your experience to share it would be awesome.

Front loading short esters is a mistake. Not saying that causes it, but it’s possible. Doubtful it’s the estrogen. Could be the high testosterone spiking in your blood.

You sure you have testosterone and not tren? Lol

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Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t frontloading been proven to not actually “work”? Definitely wasn’t the best idea especially w a short ester (doesn’t that defeat the purpose of front loading?) but anyways, in general your body doesn’t like to undergo changes extremely rapidly, be it hormonal activity, weight gain, etc etc. There could be a variety of reasons why that dose of such a fast acting drug could’ve triggered anxiety. Are you pinning at the frequency you should be to keep blood labels stable? Check out steroidplotter.com . Big peaks and valleys often lead to much more sides. This is precisely why I vehemently disagree with pinning Tren Ace any less frequent than daily

Thank you guys for your advices. Definitely I should not have done it.

I don’t know, never have taken tren. I have pretty important PIP coming about 6-8 hours after injection, the site begings to ache and swollen like I had been beaten at this spot, lasting for a few days. No fever.

I pinned e3d at first for the two first shots, then started to pin eod as soon as I had these side effects.

PIP is extremely common with test prop. If it gets hot to the touch and red, then I would start to worry about infection.

I’m still stuck on this. What is the purpose of doing it this way?

Hi everyone. A little update in case this may « help » some others facing this kind of thing:


  • 1st inj: frontload: 600mgs test PP
  • 2nd injection (3 days after. Initially planned on doing 300mgs e3d): 300mgs test PP (troubles happened)
  • Then swiched to 100mgs test PP eod to keep blood levels stable (thinking going to pct right at this point was not a good idea)


  • Initially: Could not sleep, feeling extremely good, amped up, energy like crazy. Almost told myself « fuck I almost feel like I’ve taken a preworkout 24/7 »

  • Then day of second injection: panick attack, tachychardia, elevated heart rate, feeling oppressed in my chest, thinking I was having a heart attack. Gone to a doc hours later: everything was fine.

  • Then for 1 week: CRAZY mood swings (could go from normal to incredibly wrong for nothing), alongside really depressed thoughts, fear of everything, overwhelmingly emotionnal, felt like I was going crazy or that I fucked up my brain.

  • WEEK +1 to 2: Gone to 2 doctors who told me it may be not testosterone PP, advised me to stop everything. Stopped cold turkey.
    Had to take low dose anxiolitics at this point just to sleep and eat and function quite normally.

  • Day 7 after last pin: started to feel better. A little better everyday. Stopped anxiolitics naturally because I naturally felt like it.

  • Day 12 after last pin: done blood test:

  • Everything is fine, hdl is a little low, but ldl is low too and have a ratio of about 3.5.
  • LH and Gnrh -> Close to 0 (actually 0.5, and normal range is 1,5 to 3)
  • Test levels: really low: 6 units (normal is from 8 to 30)
  • E2 levels: on the really low side of normal
  • Day 19: almost normal. Except I still have some mood swings and feel depressed at these times, but it is quite easily manageable. At least I can function almost normally. I will do another blood test next week.

Feel like it was not test. What do you think guys?

  • HUGE inflammation response at the injection spots. Big swelling, redness, hot etc… I had done medical examination and it was not infected, but really inflammation.

  • I should have had elevated E2 at this point in PCT? Here I am at the really bottom of what is « normal » (never taken AI or anything during the cycle). So I guess about a non-aromatising or low-aromatising compound like tren or maybe nandrolone

  • Seems to be a quite strong androgenic side initially. But felt and still feels like total shit.