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Panic Attack and Dieting


so ive been on this cutting diet for like a mnth now and all is going fine,but suddenly today at noonish and for the first time in my life i felt am weird,like ahh how would a clustrophobic feel when he's stuck in a confined area,so at first i thought maybe my blood sugar went down so i took 2 tbs of honey to elevate my suagr lvls, but the feelin wouldnt go away,so i tried to relax myself take some deep breath,now finally after 4 hours am relaxed but the thing is i dont why it happened and whether its gona happen again or not.

now am retracing everything i did over the past mnth,i thought maybe it was from my suppelemnts,but the only thing am taking are fish oil,green teaa,protein l-carnetein multi vitamins, and am eating 6 to 7 meals per day divided upon carbs prot and fat.
anyways anyone have any idea's that might help,or prevent .
i would surely appreciate them .


Maybe you just had a panic attack that was unrelated to your diet?


chto? what? que? peak inglishtch


caffeine crash maybe from the green tea?


I get them too when I cut. I have come to the conclusion they are from a decrease in blood volume, which scares me. YOu kind of just have to tell your body you are alright and if it freaks out just let it. DOn't fight it. They will stop once you get used to it.


I've been a lurker hear for a while,but haven't really posted much.I've been dealing with panic attacks for about 4 years and I'm on some medication to stop them,or at least slow them down.

For the OP of this thread,just because you feel wierd doesn't mean your having a panic attack.I'm not an expert,but it's most likeley a change in your diet that's throwing your blood sugar levels out of whack.

When you feel wierd,do you think your dieing?,which common in panic attacks.Or does your resting heart rate ever jump up to 140+ beats per minute.

I would guess it's the change in diet,but if you have symptoms that I said above,you should probably talk to your Dr.


now what am doing,i just increased my carb intake from 45% to 55% ,and i guess i have to coop with this feeling and see what happens.
anyways thanks for ur info guys