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Pancakes in a Can


Greatest Invention Ever!

Saw this stuff at the grocery store tonight and figured I'd give it a shot. It's organic and doesn't have that many ingredients in it which impressed me.

I admit to being lazy when it comes to cooking. And this stuff rocks :smiley:


+1 point for pancakes. hooray!

have you tried pimping it out with other ingredients like whey, Superfood, etc?


I've bought this! Or at least the ones that come out of a can like a Cool Whip can.

I thought they were pretty good and my niece loved making them.


Cancakes? Is it the batter or Bisquick with water/eggs...hopfully healthier? What's it called?


Batter Blaster or something. It was in the egg section.


Are we talking about pancake BATTER in a can, or an acual CAN of cooked pancakes?! This can take snacking to a whole new level!



It's batter IN a can and can be used to make waffles also.

Nutrition Facts
Organic - Batter Blaster Pancake Spray Can Mix
Servings: 1 of 1/4 cup batter

Calories 112 Sodium 95mg
Total Fat 1g Potassium 0mg
Saturated 0g Total Carbs 23g
Polyunsaturated 0g Dietary Fiber 2g
Monounsaturated 0g Sugars 7g
Trans 0g Protein 3g
Cholesterol 10mg
Vitamin A 0% Calcium 0%
Vitamin C 0% Iron 6%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


It sprays out like from a Cool Whip can.


"tastes a lot more wholesome, because of the organic" i love that shit, cracks me up.


For the record. This sounds amazing... I'm gonna see if I can get this for my next refeed day.


We live in exciting times.


To be fair, the can does say "pancake and waffle batter", but I'm pretty sure that's just reaching for maximum audience appeal, kinda like throwing a gratuitous shirtless scenes in Jason Statham movies. It's a little something to keep the tagalongs happy while we enjoy things for the right reasons. :slight_smile:

I don't think you really can. It's all pre-mixed, so you just squirt and cook. That's really what prevented me from picking it up when I've seen it before.

If I'm reading the nutrition facts right, about three 4-inch pancakes have 3 grams of protein, 23 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber, and almost no fat (hmmm... where'd the eggs go?)

It doesn't really win me over, except maybe for an uber-lazy a Saturday morning.


don't get me wrong, it's not something the majority of Americans would do well with. But for, bulking will be a lot more convenient and fun now :smiley: along with some protein


My god, things are pretty bad when making pancake batter becomes a chore.


Man, I'm gonna be walking by the fridge and just take a blast in my mouth every time I'm in the kitchen -lol.



Now if only they would make waffles in a can...


Not that it's overly discernible in the above picture but it is a pancake/waffle mix.

The nutritional profile could obviously be better but the convenience of being able to make a couple of pancakes or waffles at a time rather than a whole batch is appealing.


This is fucking awesome.

More people need to be excited about this.


the dude that made this has just set himself up for life


It does look like it would be entertaining. I could see cooking up some pancake sticks for portable munching. Or maybe a big pancake ring with a sunnyside up egg (or two) in the middle. Hmmm, this device might just be the cause of dietary destruction across the country.

Dude, you might want to remind your roommate that no means no.