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Pancake Lump (No Head After 72 Hours)


New to the forum obviously, but have been lurking for close to two years. Amazing information, and a few bad ideas... We all have em sometimes right?

5'8" 215lbs. 22-23% body fat (not ideal for a cycle, I know, flame away)
First Ever cycle other than oral ProHo's (designer, etc.)

500mg (250mg/ml UGL) Test Enanthate a week split bi-weekly injections with 22g 1" pins (3cc, too big?)

My first injection took place an inch (buried) into my quad (lateralis). Spent four days in limp mode, but no redness or bruising. Figuring it was virgin muscle issues, I switched to the glute same leg. First injection went smooth, other than losing the whole cc through leakage. Moved an inch and a half toward the hip and pinned again with another cc(dumb move?).Both injections took about 30 seconds each to load into the muscle (only hand warmed the barrel). Next morning was fine other than a bit of sting from the immediate injection site (to clarify I pinned right before bed...).

24 hours later a "pancake" shaped knot began to form on the outer layer of my left cheek(four by four inches, almost perfect circle, and rise form the cheek about 1/2" or less). Minimal redness(light pink, but my white ass makes it look like magenta), and pretty warm to the touch. I can sit and stand just fine, walking fares no hinderence. It's a bit redder at 72 hours now, and still very firm to the touch. Minimal pain, but still a nuisance. I've acquired amoxycillin and have access to ciproflaxacin if need be.

To get to the question, search after search here and amongst other less informative sites I can't seem to find descriptors detailing this shape and firmness/density? I plan to steer clear of lancing it on my own and have no issues describing the entire incident to my doc. But seeing as how this is only second injection, should I count on this being a "virgin ass" issue, and keep the anti-b's available? I've upped the Vit-C intake to five grams spread throughout the day (as if that'll help, eh?) and am curious as to whther heating the irritated injection site will help any with the swollen "plate" or not? Any and all help is appreciated, even the flames. Gotta learn somehow...


Check out the Injections sticky by Prisoner, that will probably help you properly diagnose it more than anything


yeah, his was one of the first of dozens I read. Symptomatically I'm confused. Not by his post, very clear and informative. Today it seems almost like a 3D bruise of sorts, still no head to it, just itchy external dermis layers, as if engorged and stretched. Woke this morning, no redness, came home today after sitting on my ass all day now it's purplish red. Still minimal pain. How long is the average "not deep enough" injection lump? And for clarity, would heating the area help this late in the game, or is it only effective pre-injection?


Yes, relying on that thread probably is a better option than having it diagnosed properly by a medical practitioner- even after he says that is an option he is considering. Excellent deduction.

Remember when you said:



I appreciate the support. Yes it seems the doc is inevitable. Although Pris' thread helps derail any unneeded visits, as posted on every thread like this, I should see a doc.

The lump has only changed colors this morning and seems maybe 2mm shallower ("less height" to clarify).

Toby: I gotta know the name of the blonde on your avatar. Thanks.


It's Teagan Presley, though it's an odd photo- odd in the sense that she looks different in that photo than she normally does. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's the hair up or all the clothes she's wearing, I dunno. She looks fucking great now with the fakies and blonde hair. Try to find that oil spills vid of her on pornhub- you can thank me later.


Does it look like you might have injected a shitload of oil subq? It'd be best to see the doctor asap, as it really can't hurt. But if for some reason you're hesitant and end up not going, if you ever feel like you might be coming down with something (sickness, fever, etc.), get to the hospital asap!

As a side note, wow she got hot! She went from looking like an everyday girl to gorgeous out of nowhere. Props to Toby for doing the forum so much good;)


I know the exact video you speak of. That's hilarious, and yes, probably her best. You're right though, it looks nothing like her.


I'm thinking you're right. Subcutaneous may be the issue. And to recall the pinning, it was moving up and down, she was afraid to bury it (had her help). On the second pin an inch away probably the same thing only z-track, so less leakage. Any idea how long it'll take to run its way out and through the system?


You're right, Prisoner isn't in the medical field at all, and doesn't have any extensive knowledge with the use of AAS, what does he know? TheDean probably should just go get his AAS induced injury diagnosed by a second rate D.O family practitioner, better yet, he should probably just go to a chiropractor right? Another insightful and extremely helpful post by Queef. Keep it up buddy.


You're a fucking moron, Prisoner isn't diagnosing him- you're telling him to SELF-DIAGNOSE which is not a better option than having a professional medical practitioner do it. Just because you're on section 8 and only have the option to visit Dr. Burrito at Urgent Care doesn't mean he's in the same boat. Even so, Dr. Burrito is still a more viable alternative than him staying at home with his thumb up his ass. That's great though that your knee-jerk reaction is to proclaim he's going to some second rate family doctor. You don't have a fucking clue where he's going. Stay the fuck off this forum- you are completely worthless here. You have ZERO experience with AS and therefore shouldn't be telling anyone here what to do or more importantly what NOT TO DO.


To help the issue, last night an ER doc basically saved my leg. Regardless of digression in swelling and redness, I experienced a bad fever midday while at work. Problem was that it was a very important work day, and leaving was less of an option as usual.

When I arrived at home I checked my temp (sublingual) and I was @ 101.9 to 102.8 (variation over ten minutes and three trials). Time for the ER (1805hours). Before leaving I took a second look, and to my amazement I was bruising all around the injection site, the red turned crimson at the site for the size of a tennis ball, and pitting edema was extremely easy to test. Scary shit folks.

Arrived at the ER @ 1825hours. Triage saw me minutes after check-in, and I sat in wait for thirty. Waiting for my call into a room and a blood pressure reading of 161/95, an ER doc came up and spoke with me in the waiting room. I explained the fever, the abscess, and the feeling of nausea. He stood me up and pushed me through the doors, got a room in seconds. (Make sure to tell them all symptoms from the start, when I stated pitting edema, the dumbass nurse asked me what edema was and how to spell it, not good...)

1910hours I was face down on a bed ass exposed with a doc behind me cracking prison jokles while injecting what seemed like a half-gallon of lidocaine. He jokingly slapped the cheek and stated, "Did you feel that?". Great stuff. First he tried a 16 guage, but the fluid were too thick, and from the mobile ultrasound the fluid looked to be around 15-20cc's. So he scalpeled a Y and drained for the next half hour, scraping visceral tissue that may have been infected. He did mention this was happening often, and without trauma. He asked zero questions as to how it happened, and was very understanding (I suppose the ER deals with enough crackheads with bigger problems should you walk in half decent it doesn't cross their minds, either way I was impressed at how quickly and careful everything was handled.)

He did state there is always a possibility of amputation, and to watch the wound very carefully. He left packing in the cavity, that is to be pulled out manually in the tub or shower in two days. Before leaving I was handed 2x500mg of Keflex, and 2x tabs of Septra (I think they werre trying to kill me with this, lol). If you're knowledgeable of the two, you'd understand the instant nausea, and power behind them. The doc took zero chances with this. I was prescribed 20 days of keflex at 4 pills a day (500mg), and Septra at 2 pills twice a day for 15 days (500mg?). Follow up happens by phone, and if any digression in healing lands me back in emergency care. Vicodin and Ibuprofen were prescribed, and trust me when the lidocaine wears off, you'll need em.

In short this was my second injection ever. I read everything, planned everything, and even bought a program to help with injection protocol interactively. Knowing it and doing it are two different things. Here I was excited to inject, went wayyyyy too shallow, and leaked. Then I thought it would be a good idea to move over an inch and do the same thing. Dummy. On top of all this, I read Prisoner's thread (very informative, especially the pitting edema, thanks Pris). I think I ignored the symptoms or convinced myself that it would get better and "who messes up their second injection?", right? Wrong, and it could have cost me so much more. No matter what reading you do, practice, experience, or "your bro's been doing this for year's" mentality you have, nothing kills stupidity when backed by ignorant motivation. Lesson learned, and a day within toxicity or blood poisoning. I'm glad to be here to express how dumb of a move this was. Heed the advice you find from reputable sources. Roberts, Prof X, Bushido, and Prisoner are some that I have found to have the most backing, and obviously have proven themselves effective. Thanks.

Taylor1990: I tried self-diagnosis and the doc was ultimately the best choice. I do appreciate the first post though, I referred back to Pris' thread again and found it useful.

TobyQueef: It was indeed an average doc who probably saved the leg, muscle, or who knows what else. Thanks for the advice.


That is a crazy ass story. That doctor sounds hilarious and like a douche at the same time, but good to see you got taken care of and nothing was amputated, lol.
Feels wrong to gloat in a thread now that it became as serious as it did, so I'll just use it as a reference from here on out any time that dumbass kid opens his mouth.

I'm assuming you're taking some time off from the gym and the cycle?


I'm not sure if I sound like an idiot typing this, but I'm on the fence. My next injection would be tomorrow night, I have longer pins now (1.5" 22 G) but I am uncertain. My most recent injection in the other glute was the most painless three nights ago. No issues currently or in the waiting period. Should I stop the cycle? healing the wound will only take 3 days or so, but I am very cautious. Opinions are welcome. Please advise on what I should do and consequences of both.

And Toby don't feel bad, this was my fault through and through. Hopefully this may make the ignorant think twice.


Dean, Im so glad you got it all taken care of, and although Im sure scary, Im relieved to hear that there will be no permanent damage. Whew! and despite what that retarded queef boy says, in my first post when I said read prisoners post that will "help you properly diagnose it more than anything" I simply meant more than any other article you would find online, I would never advocate not seeking professional medical help in case of emergency. It sure is a good thing you did! And if It helps at all, I always pin in my quads, although it is a bit sore the next day, there is next to no subQ fat in them and you probably wouldn't have to worry about going to shallow as much as you would with the glutes. Whether you decided to keep going or not, keep us posted!

Queef- On behalf of the whole T-Nation community at large, I can't possibly express enough how much nobody cares what you have to say. All you ever do is degrade and demotivate people in order to make yourself feel good, simply put you're a sad pathetic piece of shit with little to no self-esteem and deep down you probably hate yourself just as much or maybe even more than we all do.


Goddamn it guys, grow the fug up and get along. We're all friends here and you're both right. Yes, go see a doc whenever possible, but you shouldn't exactly be calling for an ambulance at every little uncertainty.

Dean, that is a crazy life experience there and I'm so glad it worked out for you. Sincerely man, it's a rare thing for people to educate themselves enough about these things and it really payed off for you here. As for your options, if you stop the cycle now, just stop the injections, wait 2 weeks, then jump into a pct (it'd probably have to be a shorter one bc of the length of the "cycle" haha), no harm done and no more risks. If you do continue the cycle, I'd recommend doing your own injections on spots you have a lot of control over where you can almost sink the whole needle in and not worry about needle-fucking the hole or injecting subq. Pecs, delts, and quads are all you need and you have all the control you could ever want. And always ALWAYS swab the area (I do it twice, 2 separate pads), the top of the vial (I also do twice), and never the needle.

I've heard some horror stories and even experienced one recently myself but I find that you learn from them and problems down the road are few and far between. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us here. It's definitely been a reminder to me to always be careful. AAS can be dangerous, no doubt about that.


Thanks Jacked. To clarify I swab like a madman. Bought two 100 pack boxes of B&D brand and I'm almost halfway through the first. I believe I will be continuing the cycle. I was able to train upper without issues today, no lower pain yet whatsoever (could be the vicodin talking). I have a new General practice doc and will feel him out on the AAS tracking and what not. Too many people treat their doc as it being a blessing to be there in their office. It's a business. If he's not good at what he does, and I can find better, then so be it. If he's good but does not feel he needs to know about AAS use or turns his cheek, it's time to find a new one that is just as good but takes pride in monitoring health, not making judgments. Luckily the ER doc treated the issue, not so much the suspicion.

And Jacked I love the "cycle" comment. On the way home last night I was thinking the same thing. 8 days of nolva is pretty cheap, I might add some letro just in case I got some 8 day gyno... (not looking forward to becoming part of the IBTC)


Haha! Yeah you defititely need to keep an eye on that! And don't even get me started on these damn docs man! I can't walk into a dr's office and even bring up how I eat without being treated like a total freak and being told about how we're all doing it wrong and how all the protein is going to kill us, let alone think about mentioning AAS. I'm even scared to give them a a blood sample because of how obvious it'd be. You got lucky with that doc.


You've got to be fucking kidding me. I'm not putting words in his mouth, but if you can't even realize that the guy basically called you an idiot to your face in the nicest way possible then you're dumber than I thought. Again, you have NO fucking business on this board and you proved that beyond any reasonable doubt in this thread. It's blatantly out there for everybody to see. You MOCKED the very idea of him even going to see a doctor. Do you even realize how fucking stupid you sound?

Christ just look at this- the only one who believes you aren't stupid is YOU:

"Taylor1990: I tried self-diagnosis and the doc was ultimately the best choice. I do appreciate the first post though, I referred back to Pris' thread again and found it useful.

TobyQueef: It was indeed an average doc who probably saved the leg, muscle, or who knows what else. Thanks for the advice. "

How are you so incapable of understanding this? He's flat out telling you the doctor was the best choice- after you MOCKED THE VERY NOTION OF THIS. You are incredibly ignorant and it could have wound up hurting someone- thankfully most people aren't as stupid as you. You ONLY post here to bitch and cry about how I expose people (such as yourself) for being STUPID and for calling them out accordingly.

Look at your post history- all but ONE of your posts is you whining in response to something I said. You've offered absolutely nothing knowledge-based, but only an opinion comparable to something you'd watch on The View. You are absolutely obsessed with me. You are pathetic and I will be there every time to remind you of this very thread whenever you think your opinion is valued.


Queef, Im glad to see I've really gotten under your skin. It's gonna be nice to see you follow me wherever I post, follow me like you're one of my little bitches. And King Dick appreciates his bitches.