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Panama City Beach Tips/Info


Will be flying there tomorrow, staying Mon-Fri.

Any tips/info/advice/etc are always welcome.


Looking at the thread HolyMac started, my advice would be BE WAYLANDER


just saw that shit. epic.


piihb! oh and you gotta lick it before you stick it.


Spinnaker's is awesome, Club La Vela is awesome, chicks are a lot younger than they appear, lots of free vendors on the beach, random people will start drunken fights with you starting around 2am, hotels dont like people from other hotels walking around their property (hotels issue wrist bands during spring break), and its easy to walk into any random hotel room and join the party, even without an invitation or knowing anyone in the room.


Wear a condom. It's the redneck riviera and STD infested.




do not use the main road closest to the beach for vehicle travel (go over and around, i think it was lorna road) or if u are close enough u can walk.

try to bring as much cash initially with you as poss. limit your ATM transactions (la vela atms have 7 dollar transaction fees)

most of the bigger hotels have wet tshirt contests around noon. they aren't as packed as other places so it's easy to get good views.

the beach by the la vela stage starts getting packed around 2pm. the crowd/atmosphere there is good and i reccomend partying there if you're gonna be out during the day. la vela also doesn't charge cover during the day to get near the pool so as soon as you get there i'd suggest getting stamped, even if you're gonna be at the beach for a bit, as it will help with re-entry.

don't be nervous to talk to girls. any girl, at any time. there were times when we assumed since a girl was hot, she mustve been getting hit on constantly and thus, wouldn't care. waylander and i actually commented that we were surprised a girl came back to give me her number to hang out later after i'd said hi.

bring stimulants. beach/sun/partying wrecks your body. plus if you make it to PCB and you end up sleeping a bunch, you're lame. i would of definatly missed A LOT of things had i not brought.

wear sunscreen.

have food in your room. our condo had a full kitchen so we had eggs, pancakes, deli meat, hot pockets, ect. if you don't have a fridge at least have some beef jerkey or crackers or pb&j materials.



everything holymac said. make sure you have crazy mf'ers to hang out with so that you don't sit around and play xbox.

FUCK i'm so jelly. having major withdrawals already.

also, maybe it's because we were big, but I was surprised at the lack of violence directed towards us. usually back home, people start a fair amount of shit, but dudes mostly left us alone unless it was to tell us how bad they wanted to suck waylander's dick.


Need more pics of chick in avatar, plz.


haha sorry, but they'd never get past the mods.

i wouldn't worry about violence at all. aside from one forceful ejection we saw at la vela (and we were there every night) and a few 'omg steroidz' comments from dudes in passing cars, the whole atmosphere of people there was that they are there to party and have a good time.

OH! there's this little oriental kiosk opposite of la vela near the 'slingshot' ride. omfg they pork on a stick for like a dollar and amazing sausage for like 2 bucks and overall it's a good place to grab food, luv.


hey holymac, a couple questions.

i know you take bb'ing pretty seriously, so I was wondering what steps you took to maintain a good balance between lifting, cardio, good diet, while still being able to have some fun?

any help would be greatly appreciated.


He is GI that is just how they are made.


thanks for chiming in mac/others. great info.


modified leangains approach with skiploading.

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