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Palumbo's Keto Diet


In a couple months I'll be cutting, and I was thinking of giving Dave Palumbo's keto a try. Any success stories? Any horror stories?




Good story!


I like it, but can I swap out the waffles for fruity pebbles? And instead of keto, can I do it with low fat and high-carb? And instead of a diet can I just eat whatever the fuck I want?

Any help is appreciated.


Otherwise known as the Eato diet.


I incorporated a slightly revised version of Palumbo's diet for my latest show. Once the diet picks up steam I feel it requires a lot of observation to ensure excessive muscle mass is not lost. The weekly carb-up days were really welcomed. Sometimes they couldn't arrive quick enough!


Dry, yet witty and clever.

I smirked.


Keto diet is great. Eat, plenty and drink water and take a goddamn vitamin.. The last two are important. Very important. It can get bland though. But I hit tons of PRs on it, and experienced no headaches and felt way better than I did eating normal fare.


I've tried the near-zero-carb thing and experienced massive lathergy. I may have needed to increases fats more or something but I barely managed a week before I stopped the diet, mostly nagged into doing that by my wife. I've since had more success on less extreme diets.

But if you're actually trying to get into contest shape you would most likely eventually need to go with the more extreme options. It depends how much fat you have to lose, how much you've already lost, how low you want BF% to get etc, but if you're in the early stages there are other things you can do before putting yourself into ketosis.