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Palumboism - Causes and Case Studies


Does anyone have any insight as to what causes this condition? We know that it's definitely caused by large concoctions of drugs through the years, but does anyone have any plausible theories on the physiology of the condition, perhaps someone with a medical background with a high degree of knowledge on bodybuilding drugs?

Feel free to post pictures of case studies.


There is a meme-like article floating around the the bodybuilding internet world on the characteristics of the condition, but it doesn't provide theories on the physiology of the condition.


Brick, did you coin the phrase "Palumboism"?

The first time I heard it was in one of your posts, and I immediately knew exactly what you were describing!

Good thread, and I hope some light gets shed on the topic.


Stage I Palumboism


NOT my term at all. It's all over the net, and after reading about it, I couldn't believe there was a term describing this condition! Google it!


The man whose namesake the dreaded condition is derived from.


Earlier days, when our subject looked like a million bucks at a tender young age.


Holy crap! It IS all over the internet!

The word, that is.... not the condition.



A young Palumbo with great potential.


Nah bro, you gotta find the article describing it that's posted all over the place. It's a shame I can't link. Perhaps I can just copy and paste some of it.



Someone on another forum mentioned Cushings disease or syndrome.




Greg Kovacs, pre- and post-affliction.


Hany Salib


HAH! I was JUST ready to post about Kovacs!

In fact, I knew of his condition before I knew of Palumbo's!


I remember reading that too.

Too bad these guys keep pushing things after they start to deteriorate.


It appears you're as fascinated as I am.


Oh, man... that just looks bad to the point of painful.


There's a fine line between fascination and fear.