Palmason's Training Log

A little history:
I’ve been going to the gym now for a few years but there is only a year and a half since I started taking training and eating seriously and started gaining some weight. I was very weak 65 kg(143 lb) in august 2008 but now I’m a little less weak 78 kg and pretty happy with what I’ve achieved. I’ve only been doing full body workouts or upper/lower splits. Now I want to get stronger and am going to try 5/3/1 for a few months and see how that goes.

I am making this thread mainly to keep myself motivated and to be able to look back to this in 10 years and see how far I’ve come.

This week I’m finding my 1rm’s and starting 5/3/1 next monday.

178 cm(5’ - 10 I think??)
78 kg (172)
About 15% fat I would guess

Deadlift: 160 kg(352)
Military press: 47,5 kg (105)
Bench:Coming on wednesday
Squat:Coming on wednesday


Tested my 1rm bench today. Almost got 85 kg up so my max is 82,5 kg.
My goal is to reach 90 kg in may.
Didn’t feel like squatting with a little sore lower back after the deadlift monday.


Found my Squat 1rm today: 115 kg
So here are my numbers:
Squat: 115 kg
Bench: 82,5 kg
Military press: 47,5 kg
Deadlift: 160 kg

So my starting “maxes” in 531 will be:
Squat: 103,5 kg
Bench: 74,25 kg
Military Press: 42,75 kg
Deadlift: 144 kg

This is what my main lifts will be the first month

I tried rounding the numbers to 2,5 kg, guess I’ll have to do a little thinking of my own :stuck_out_tongue:

And the idea of my assistance work(will probably vary):

Some lovely foam rolling and stretching before.

Day 1- Military Press

A1: DB Military Press 4x10-12
A2: BW Pull ups 4x Max reps
B: Lying Tricep extension 4x10-12

Day 2- Deadlift

A1: Back Raise 4x10-12
A2: Leg press 4x10-12
B: Hanging Leg raises 4x Max reps

Day 3- Bench Press

A1: DB incline bench 4x10-12
A2: BW Dips 4x Max reps
B: BB Shrugs 1x20-30

Day 4- Squat

A1: Good morning 4x10-12
A2: Lunges 4x10-12
B1: Sit ups 4x10-12
B2: Curls 4x10-12

20 min HIIT conditioning or hill sprints after or on off days


A Military press: 5x30kg 5x32,5kg 12x35kg

B1 DB military press: 8x14kg 12x12kg 12x12kg 10x12kg

B2 BW pull ups: 10xbw 10xbw 8xbw 6xbw

C Lying tricep extension 10x18kg 10x18kg 8x18kg 10x16kg


A Deadlift: 5x92,5kg 5x110kg 10x122,5

B1 Back Raise: 10xBW 10xBW 10xBW

B2 Leg press: 12x100kg 12x100kg 12x100kg 12x100kg

C1 Hanging leg raises: 10xBW 10xBW 8xBW 6xBW

C2 Single leg calf raise: 4xMax reps with 2 sec stretch and squeese at the bottom


Bench press: 5x47,5kg 5x55kg 13x62,5kg

BB incline bench: 10x50kg 8x50kg 9x45kg 10x45kg

Decline DB triceps extension: 10x2-8kg 7x2-8kg 7x2-8kg 7x2-8kg

DB shrugs: 10x16kg 10x20kg 22x24kg

Very happy with that bench press, was aiming for 8-10 reps but made it up to 13 and a half…


Squat: 5x67,5kg 5x77,5kg 11x87,5kg

Just did the main lift for the day and played some football(soccer) for an hour…


A Military Press: 3x30kg 3x35kg 7x40kg

B1 DB Military press: 12x12kg 10x12kg 12x12kg 10x14kg

B2 BW Pull ups: 10 10 8 8


Deadlift: 3x100kg 3x115kg 9x130kg


A Bench Press: 3x52,5kg 3x60kg 10x67,5kg

B1 Incline DB Press: 8x2-22kg 9x2-20kg 8x2-20kg 10x2-18kg
B2 Tricep Rope pulldown: 10x21kg 10x21kg 10x21kg 10x21kg

C BB shrugs: 23x24kg

D Farmers walk around the gym: 2-24kg 2-22kg


A Bench Press: 3x52,5kg 3x60kg 10x67,5kg

B1 Incline DB Press: 8x2-22kg 9x2-20kg 8x2-20kg 10x2-18kg
B2 Tricep Rope pulldown: 10x21kg 10x21kg 10x21kg 10x21kg

C BB shrugs: 23x24kg

D Farmers walk around the gym: 2-24kg 2-22kg


Squat: 3x72,5kg 3x82,5kg 7x92.5kg

Didn’t eat enough pre workout and felt a little woozy. So I just squatted and got the hell outta’ there…


Starting the second wave of 5/3/1 tomorrow…

Wave 1 week 3:

Military Press: 5x32,5kg 3x35kg 8x40kg

Deadlift: 5x110kg 3x122,5kg 7x137,5kg

Bench Press: 5x55kg 3x62,5kg 6x70kg

Squat: 5x77,5kg 3x87,5kg 4x97,5kg


A Military press: 5x30kg 5x35kg 11x37,5kg

B1 Smith behind neck shoulder press: 6x25kg 8x25kg 7x25kg

B2 Band Face Pulls: 10x 10x 10x

C1 Cable Lateral Raises: 6x5kg 6x5kg 6x5kg

C2 BB Shrug: 8x70 8x70 8x70

D Farmer’s walk around gym: 3x2-24kg


Yesterday’s numbers:

A Squat: 5x70kg 5x82,5kg 6x92,5kg

B Hip extension with Knee flexion: 8x18kg 8x20kg 8x23kg

C1 Leg press: 8x200kg 6x220kg 6x220kg

C2 Calves in leg press: 6x150kg 8x130kg 8x130kg

D Floor Bridge: 8x60kg 8x60kg 8x60kg


A Bench: 5x50kg 5x57,5kg 9x65kg

B DB press: 5x25kg 5x25kg 8x21kg

C1 Fly: 7x25lb 7x25lb 7x25lb

C2 Rope extension: 7x22,5kg 8x22,5kg 8x22,5kg

D1 Cable Crossover: 7x23kg 8x23kg 8x23kg

D2 Decline tricep extension: 15x16,5kg 6x21kg 6x21kg


A Deadlift: 5x97,5kg 5x112,5kg 8x125kg

B1 Face pulls to throat: 10x15kg 10x17,5kg 7x20kg

B2 Cable curls: 7x25kg 6x25kg 6x25kg

C Iso dynamic rows(12-9-7-5-3-1): 3x40kg