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Palm Workout and Diet Applications


Do any of you guys use a palm device to log your workouts/diet etc? If so what are the best applications to use? I'm looking for something that will enable easy data entry in the gym and that i can export the data into MS Access.



I've searched the forum archives and no one seems to have anything good to say about there workout logging applications. There must be one good one out there, some one must know something?


I use an old Pilot and just use the notepad. I have my workouts (some copied and pasted from this site) with a different line for each exercise, as in:
Biceps dumbell drop set
and I just update the weight or rep each workout. Next time I do the same workout, I see just what I did last time, and make myself either add weight or reps and write over the old number. Been doing this way for a while and the other guys think I'm a nerd but its cleaner than carrying around a book of old numbers. I only care about the weights I did last week. And the software is free and 100% customizable.