Palm Strikes (Street Fights)

[quote]StevenF wrote:
I’d still just rather stab somebody. [/quote]

Guess you’re a graduate of the Kliplemet Kwon Do Training Academy, huh?

[quote]HOV wrote:
Hard on soft, soft on hard.

If you’re hitting soft areas like ribs, solar plexus, stomach: use a fist.

If you’re hitting skull, use a palm.[/quote]
Exactly how I was “raised” in the dojo.

I like to use two fingers (index and middle) when I strike the eyes…

nyuck nyuck nyuck


[quote]Kliplemet wrote:
Colucci wrote:
StevenF wrote:
I’d still just rather stab somebody.

Guess you’re a graduate of the Kliplemet Kwon Do Training Academy, huh?

i never stabbed anyone and there is no Kwon Do in Pekiti Tersia[/quote]

Hi. That was called a joke. No worries, bro. Heaven knows I want to stay on your good side. :slight_smile:

[quote]StevenF wrote:
I’d still just rather stab somebody. [/quote]

It seems kind of gay to stab a dude. I would rather decapitate him.

Have you guys never heard of Bas Rutten? I defy anyone to let Bas hit you with a palm strike and tell me it’s a “bitch slap”

Not to mention with striking distance always = more power. When you’re in close an extra 4-5 inches can make a BIG difference.

[quote]Livershot wrote:
Have you guys never heard of Bas Rutten? I defy anyone to let Bas hit you with a palm strike and tell me it’s a “bitch slap”


He is a pussy. Half the guys here do BJJ and would kick his ass.

[quote]StevenF wrote:
I’d rather just stab someone. If you really wanna look cool just stab someone that messes with you. [/quote]

…in the jaw. That’s the best!

Honestly, you get hit with the bottom of someone’s palm (which is the appropriate method), it can be a shock to the system. I’ve had the breath knocked out of me and been made good and dizzy with palm shots. Not a slap, but a good solid palm shot. It can transfer alot of force. Not sure about using it in a competitive situation, but it might be useable otherwise…

Fear the Mu Bae Choi bitch slap.

[quote]Donut62 wrote:
Fear the Mu Bae Choi bitch slap.[/quote]

What happened to the dude in black right after that display? Extreme beatdown?

palm strikes are great in close. If someone gets right up in your face or charges you, you can get a lot of drive behind a palm strike up to the bottom of the chin or straight into the center of the chest. Also good to the bridge of the nose. You break a guys nose with a good solid palm strike he’s not going to be able to see for a good few seconds at least. Those few seconds can be a huge advantage.

Also, to the poster who said that the first two knuckles can deliver more force. You’re absolutely right, smaller surface area striking so more force is delivered. However, the palm strike has two possible advantages (depending on the situation of course).

One is accuracy. You have a lot more striking area with the heel of your hand than with your first two knuckles. If you’re trying to hit a small target, say a nose, a larger striking area makes that easier, especially considering your opponent is probably trying to avoid getting his face bashed in.

Second is the position of the wrist joint. A punch delivered with a perfectly straight wrist should transfer the shock of the impact through the joint and up the arm. However it’s hard to keep your wrist perfectly straight while driving your knuckles into some guys jaw. You can lose a lot of your punching power through your wrist bending.

A palm strike however is basically taking the wrist joint out of the equation (assuming you hit with the heel of the hand and not the pads or fingers). You’re effectively striking with the end of your forearm and wrist, there’s not hand in there to bend out of the way.

On the other hand, a punch has more range than a palm strike. Probably a good 3 or 4 inches. Those inches are important. And, as someone already mentioned, a punch can come from a lot of different angles. It’s pretty hard to throw a hook with a palm, it’s really gotta be straight forward or up.

I think both strikes have their places, but, like the OP said, clenching your fists is just natural when you’re angry and want to hit something.


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Very nice! However I would say that from my (limited) experiences as a ‘Door supervisor’, lol, A timely palm strike to the solar plexus, delivered with a firm “NO!”, has stopped a lot of trouble before it got started…[/quote]

Was this the “Door Supervisor” job at the kennel?

[quote]Brad61 wrote:
I was just reading the Copland articles where the author recommeded using palm strikes to the nose, chin, sternum, solar plexus, in a street fight. (the other techniques he recommended were leg sweeps and a lateral choke, none of which were fully explained).

ANYWAY this palm strike idea seems to run counter to my first instinct: to clench my fists and sock somebody. What’s the logic behind the palm strike? I can only guess that you’d avoid broken knuckles/broken fingers, and also maybe a clenched fist tends to tighten up your whole upper body, when you need to be loose and fluid.

I’d especially appreciate hearing comments from the cops, bouncers, MMA, streetfighters, military personnel etc… What works? What do you use?[/quote]

Hi Brad,

As with just about anything in regards to combat, the answer is almost always, “it depends on the situation”. Personally I much rather prefer to throw palms rather than punches if I’ve got a guy mounted.

Sure, they may not do as much damage to the guy as closed fist punches.But, keep in mind that unlike MMA events where the fighters are on a padded area, in the street you may find yourself on pavement. Which, if you miss the guy’s head (he moves his head, bridges at the right moment, etc…) you can most definetely wind up with a broken hand.

Of course maybe you’re a tough SOB, and/or you’re adrenaline is cranking so you don’t feel too much pain. But you’re still operating with one less weapon than you could be.

The other thing you need to take into consideration is that like SlimJim pointed out, MMA fighters wear gloves. In fact, the whole idea of padding the hands with gloves is to protect them from being broken. It still happens though, even to professional boxers/MMA fighters.

So, to assume that you are at the point where you don’t have to worry about missing and hitting the wrong part of your opponent’s anatomy, or some other unforgiving surface is a little silly if you ask me.

Good training,


i usually just use grenades.

[quote]blok wrote:
i usually just use grenades.[/quote]

Trident Ballistic Missile.

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As for eye gouging you are looking at definite jail time if you do manage to blind him.

Better to be judged by 12 (jurors) than carried by 6 (pallbearers).


Kamagong stick anybody?

I’d wager that Frank Shamrock could kick the ass of anyone reading this thread. Here’s what his face looked like after “whimpy” open-handed blows: