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PALM Rep Max Calculator?

I just got a Palm TX. I was worried that it may be an overpriced, worthless calendar … but a PDA is NICE!

I use rep max calculators a good bit ro push my limits. I am having a hard time finding a free one for PALM. I tried the one from Workoutware, but it doesn’t work for some reason.

Does anyone have suggestions for one you like?

The formulas do not apply accross all exercises or rep ranges. Just because a formula can give a result does not mean that the result given applies to you.

I have quite a number of formulas collected. If you can enter a formula I will post one I use as a reference tool.

tall tom

You are right in categorizing a 1RM calculator as a reference tool. They help me adjust my load per reps in a workout without wasting so much time working my way up to the needed load.

What I REALLY like is the Multi Rep Max calculator.

Please post what you have.

I have a freeware one of these for my I-mate K-Jam which is Micro$oft Windows Mobile 5 though, useful prog.

Epley Formula

1rm = one rep max
w = weight being lifted
rep = max reps with weight w

1rm =[1+0.0333rep]w

rep =[1rm/w - 1]/0.0333

w = 1rm/[1+0.0333rep]


Thanks for the formula. I’ll give it a try.