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Palm Oil in Peanut Butter


I've noticed on several of the labels of "natural" peanut butter that palm oil has replaced the hydrogenated vegetable oils found in regular peanut butters. Is palm oil an acceptable alternative, or is it just as bad??


palm oil NO not great.

Natural PB with it. I dont know where you are getting it but your getting ripped off. Real PB should have one ingredient peanuts, MAYBE salt.

Cant find that make your own I like making mixed nut butter peanuts, almonds and walnuts, put in food processor and let that SOB run. stop it anywhere from chunky to smooth.


Well, palm oil really isn't that bad. It's similar to coconut oil in that it's mostly saturated fat, which is good for testosterone. And up to 15% of palm oil is medium chain triglycerides, which are a good fuel source and aid fat loss.

But truly, natural peanut butter should be blended peanuts in their own oil - roasting and salting being the only other options.

Out of curiosity: Does that palm oiled peanut butter seperate into an oil layer and a solids layer?


Nope, that is why it is used according to Skippy's Natural Brand(which contains, peanuts, salt, palm oil and sugar). It keeps it from seperating, which is nice. I dont know about the rest of you, but when I buy natural PB with just peanuts and salt, I spill most of the oil trying to get it mixed up.


OK ,"contains, peanuts, salt, palm oil and sugar" that sounds like regualr run of the mill shitty PB your getting ripped off paying extra they just fancied it up and are using sugar instead of corn syrup and palm oil instead of corn or canola.



OK, sounds like i should look for a new brand. I have a tree nut allergy so i am always hessitant on trying something im not 100% sure wont set me off...

I will try a whole foods place down the street. (bought this stuff from a regular grocery store).


LOL well you should be allergic to this then Palm oil comes from the Nut of the Palm tree.

Get a natural PB.


I know what you're talking about. REAL natural PB is just peanuts.

THe major brands though are substituting different oils for the partially hydrogenated ones.

Palm oil is not a bad oil. In fact, it was been shown to lower cholesterol and is part of an oil combination that is patented to lower cholesterol.


I'd choose palm oil over corn any day. I'm not big on canola either. Canola is a far cry from olive oil which it is usually compared to. I wouldn't change PBs just b/c of the palm oil though I don't know why you don't just get a natural PB that's just made from peanuts.


Whole Earth Organic PB is a good one, not sure if you can buy it stateside. However some PB's which are 'oil free' will give you a bad case of 'cotton mouth' and will trash the bread if you try and make a sarnie.


It isnt the same as old run of the mill peanut butter. I can at least read the ingredient list. Most of them I cant. I normally buy just peanuts and salt, but once in a while, I buy this as a treat.


At Whole Foods you can grind your own. It's very simple.


The Tokeluans of the Pacific Islands eat the saturated oil of the coconut and are VIRTUALLY FREE OF CVD. The Tokeluans have serum levels of 240-300 ml.



Palm oil is very good.


very good


yea but uh.... added sugar....... i'd pass on that one.

unless youre looking for the added carbs.


Comparing it to natural peanut butter at the store, the amount of added sugar seemed quite low. For me this was a reasonable compromise, if you're super-strict, or love the taste of natural PB, then of course it's a slightly better choice.
Has anyone else tried the new canola based mayo? I like it alot, and no soybean oil!


Canola oil really isn't much, if any, better than soy oil.


I dunno about health, but palm oil is a laxative, at least for me. I tried the new natural peanut butters with it and had to throw it out.


Yup same thing just they add the word NATURAL and might subtract a preservative.