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Palm nutrition software


Anyone know of a good program for my palm pilot that will keep track of the carbs/fat/protein I eat during the day? Since I'm starting my new job I won't have access to my crosstrainer program on my home pc during the day. Freeware or shareware would be awesome, but doubtful if a good one exists. Anyone have a palm nutrition program they love?


Vivonic makes software for palm pilots, about $60. It has nutritional data on it as well as nutrients for most fast food meals.


Don't waste your money on the vivonic software. Many of the most common exercises aren't even in the database, and the a lot of the nutrition data is inaccurate.


Check out DietLog software for the Palm at www.healthetech.com. It's worked out well for me - can add your own MRP receipes, etc to their food database.