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Palm Injury - Looking for Opinions


3 months ago, a gradual pain arose in the palm of my hand. Pain occured only when deadlifting. A lump on my hand formed right below the ring finger that sent me searching for an ortho.

Ortho said I was fine, to let my hand heal.

Ortho was wrong, seeing that bump is still existant.

Deadlifted the other night only to feel a "pop" in my hand which lead too some pretty harsh bruising.

Hoping to get any opinion/insight on what this could be from those who have had any similar experiences.


Any pain when moving or gripping normally?

Also, is the lump soft or hard?

To be honest, you may just want to get it checked out. X-ray would rule out bone-related injury.

Doesn’t look like it’s swollen (in terms of redness), so…yeah, scan would be the best way to tell if it’s soft tissue, or bone.

keep us updated.



Dupuytrens-contracture.com has an excellent explanation of what it is. I have it and require surgery to correct.