Palm Beach Rejuvination

Anyone know if a company called Palm Beach Rejuvination is for real?

They are a good source to shut down your T-levels with.

A buddy of mine has done business with them for a while. He claims they are legit, and always come through for him. Hope this helps.

is this anything like the “hollywood 48 hour miracle diet?”

so your on that too pdog?

hell yeah!!! i lost 10 lbs in two days.


Way over priced…as far as I know they require blood test, and will only prescribe enough to bring you within normal range.

I lost ten pounds in two days when I lived on ecstacy and clenbuterol. I highly reccomend it to anyone. For the true hollywood diet, substitute cocaine for ecstacy.

unfortunatley squatty im in no-cal and the drug of choice around here is meth or crank.

ill bet meth and clen would make a killer cutting cycle.