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Palm Beach Life Extension


Anyone ever heard of this company? Good or bad rep?
Is it legal to order testosterone from out of state with blood tests(by my doc)and a script(from their docs)?

My testosterone is at 517, but I feel like I'm experiencing symptoms of low T.
I've got the go-ahead from their docs to get my levels in to the high-normal range.
They have anti-e's and HCG also.
Advice anyone?


No advice but Pat Tillman Rocks


I was feeling kind of shitty, but that put a smile on my face.


Anthony Roberts sent me to Oasis Longevity. I'm still setting things up with them, but they seem to know their stuff.


The legality is still a little fuzzy at the moment. That being said as far as i know as a customer you should have no concerns, you have a valid prescription from a medical doctor who is assuring you all is fine. So if the issue were eve pressed which i doubt, the only party that could have issues would be them. That is why alot of these types of places are now requiring a visit in person initially, it validates the doctor/patient relationship. The guy i use insists on one visit initially for a hands on exam. make no mistake about it though, all of these places are pretty much the same, you are the one who will have to be concerned about your health as i have found they will basically send you anything you order.


I started a relationship with them but the rep kept changing the prices of the drugs and oddly enough they only went up. I felt like they were jerking me around and went elsewhere.

Now I work with my local doc and a compounding pharmacy.


I recently started to research life extension clinics and noticed Oasis mentioned here and on other boards. I googled their name and found this anti-steroid rant from a Connecticut paper. What I found interesting is that they say ordering trough longevity clinics like Oasis violates laws and regulations in 38 states.They do not mention which laws and which regulations. Does anyone know if that is correct, since the only attraction to a place like Oasis for me would be an issue of legality.

Here is a bottom part of that very lame and biased article;

You can get a prescription for steroids at Oasis Longevity & Rejuvenation Institute of Delray Beach, Fla. All you have to do is send in medical history, results of a blood test and take a physical exam, copy of your driver's license and a signed treatment agreement, according to the Hartford Courant.

An increasing number of steroid users believe that this can be done. In the chat rooms of the major online steroid forums, users tout Oasis as an alternative to the underground labs and illegal online steroid peddlers, the Courant reports.

Oasis sponsors links on these sites and the owner of one forum urges his brethren to "avoid the unregulated crap that can make you sick or worse" and to take "the legal route" to buying steroids.

The Courant warns that the "patients" never see the doctor who prescribes the steroids. There is no valid doctor-patient relationship and the prescriptions don't meet national medical standards. They violate laws or regulations in 38 states, including Connecticut.

What are steroids? According to the Courant report, they are a Schedule 111 controlled drug, like painkillers and sedatives such as Vicodin and Seconal. To use them legally, you need a valid prescription and a medical reason.

There are not enough investigators to monitor all the sources for steroids. Oasis states that its methods are legal; however, Florida regulators disagree.

James McDonough, head of Florida's Office of Drug Control, which is responsible for coordinating the state's fight against drug abuse and illicit drugs, said in an interview with the Courant that steroids are not legal.

The major product lineup at Oasis is testosterone, a naturally occurring male hormone. In steroids, it is a chemically recreated building block and the basic ingredient in any anabolic steroid that is specifically designed to add muscle mass, the Courant reports.

Why can't these users see their own doctors? They can't contact their doctors because they are using steroids for non-medical reasons. Who makes the money? The on-line seller.


Legal? Probably for now.

Legit? More or less.

Pricey? Absolutely.

Normally you souldn't feel like your testosterone is low at 517 ng/dl unless you have recently suffered from a significant decrease in production (organic or synthetic) from much higher levels. What is your free T?


There is another place mentioned by Doug Kalman back in '02. ? AA & T Clinics in Atlanta, Georgia
Did anyone tried them?

I did not do any T tests yet.
I'm just looking into this in order to get some info.
(for now)
It's certainly seems a lot cheaper not to go trough the life extension clinics, but legality is an issue for me.


I have to laugh at articles like that...

When I had my doctor test my blood due to symptoms, sure enough, I was on the low side. However, my doctor flatly stated he didn't believe in HRT/TRT and thought it was a scam by drug companies to make money.

FFS, what an idiot. Many people seem to be in denial that men can also suffer a drop in hormone levels that cause a lot of negative issues and highly impact quality of life.

While I'm sure some people abuse this medical issue, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It pisses me off because I know exactly what the negative effects are from first hand experience and it's no fucking cakewalk. Having it dismissed, off hand, is damned near criminal itself.


Any doctor that would prescribe you a controlled substance, how never exactly physically examined your body (meaning he actually touches your body somewhere) is breaking the law.

Those guys just want your money. Been there done that. They're crooks. I found a doc that I only had to go to once, and now he takes good care of me.

That said, any doctor licensed in any state in the US who has physically examined you, can write prescriptions for you, and they can be filled in any pharmacy in the US, or even overseas. You just need the initial physical exam and the doc's prescription for it to be legit.

In my case it was worth the trip a few states away.



exactly, as i stated above, you want to work with someone who requires a in person exam in order to stay legal. Oasis and others that think they can legally prescribe without a valid physical doctor patient relationship are kidding themselves and risking the freedom of their patients.


hmmm... I live in Boynton Beach, FL... right next to Delray Beach.

These clinics are legal... sort of... for now. I know they have sales reps working there who have no medical backgrounds whatsoever. Their job is sales... period. Typically, a doctor is in charge but is usually no where to be found. These clinics are being looked at/investigated by various state authorities.

Interestingly, a year or two ago, one of these clincs in Deerfield Beach, FL (Power Medica?) was busted and turns out many police officers were "patients". I believe 12 or more from the West Palm Beach police dept. alone.


In my experience, I went to my own MD. complaining of lack of energy,low libido,just no zest for life. My MD. put me on 6-7 different anti-depressants over a 8 yr. peroid, which were of no help.

I suggested having my testosterone level checked, which came back at 193 free testosterone (53 yr. old male). My physician said that was in the normal range. After doing some research on my own, I found that 193 is at the very low end of what is considered normal.

I then contacted Palm Beach Life Extension-they sent me to an area hospital for a full blood screen. After I sent my results to Palm Beach,they started me on testosterone self-injections.I feel much better now. I don’t really know why my MD. is so reluctant to prescribe testo.-but in my case it is very helpful. The one drawback is that it is a little expensive,but much less than the anti-depressants,which as I stated were of no help.