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Palm Beach DEA??


went to place an order and they seem shut down by dea, saw alternatve provider online but they r more then double the price on t and $500 for lab i can accept but $500 for dr visit on top of that seems outrageous, does anyone just go to mexico to get drugs ie get a scrip fill it and then take it over the border?? it would seem to be a lot cheaper


If you have a legitimate doctor prescribing it to you in the US, the price is not prohibitively expensive. $60 for a 10 mL 200 mg/mL vial from Costco.


I have discussed my health with my US doctor, who will not prescribe the drugs he believes will help me. So, I cross the border and bring them back from Mexico without anybody's permission, and use them as I feel necessary.

Your US pharmacy is not going to accept Mexican prescriptions. Is that what you wanted to learn?