Pallets Of Baby Formula Sent To Illegal Immigrants

Illegal migrants first to get ‘pallets’ of hard-to-find baby formula | Washington Examiner

I am so glad this administration thinks of American Citizens first.

I have a newborn and finding formula is near impossible - thankfully my wife is mainly breastfeeding and I can afford to go on Ebay and pay 3-5X the price for what I need.

This is just another of example of how the left shits on their citizens in favor of criminals, non-taxpayers, and non-citizens.


I liked it when Biden said we should give illegal immigrant families separated at the border a $450,000 check for their hardship.

Meanwhile the death benefit for US service members is $400,000 pre tax.

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How any American can support these cocksuckers is beyond me.


It’s because they respect the pronouns of the mentally derranged.

“One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results” - Milton Friedman


We must provide emotional and material support for every unfortunate, supposedly mistreated, and actually mistreated group on earth until we are so worn down and spent that we have nothing left for our own communities, friends, and family members.

After that comes the icing on the cake: emotional abuse from other Americans if you are incapable of providing such support, even when they aren’t doing so and can’t either!


I’m so tired of this country being such a fucking wet napkin. Maybe a civil war wouldn’t be all that bad.

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Nailed it.

Not taking care of your own house first never ends well.

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The article seems a bit misleading IMO.

The formula is being set to detention centers holding illegal immigrants. If you detain people, it seems right to send the supplies needed to keep them alive. Why isn’t the detention center detail in the title. Kinda seems important and makes the action more understandable.

It also does not do much to quantify how much “pallets” actually is. Is this a quantity that could have any noticeable impact on the national shortage? Is this 20 pallets or 10,000? My guess is that it is a lot closer to the former, but I could be wrong.

Maybe I am off on quantity of formula, or the intention of the article? My perception is this is a stir people up article.

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And why are the detention centers full in the first place?


And why are we having to detain so many people? Could it be the lax policies or response to the mass influx of illegal immigration to our southern border?

I am sorry, but American Citizens should always come first, always.

IDGAF about non-citizens until American Citizens are completely taken care of.


I think it has nothing to do with quantity so much as an issue with making the needs of US citizens come second to those who

  1. broke the law
  2. are not US citizens

It certainly IS a hit piece, but a much needed one. Mothers of America: please stop voting with your feelings.

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Last time I checked politicians are supposed to work for the citizens of THEIR country or at least pretend to.

They don’t even pretend anymore.

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I don’t think all stir-people-up media is bad. Actually, if the American population made up an actual, healthy nation, there likely would have already been several revolts with varying motivations!

But America is not a serious country anymore. It is simply an economic zone and giant shopping mall.

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Until the mall is empty and the economy is in shambles - we are getting closer.

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What your question suggests is a fair point, but I think the “why?” they are there is less important than the obligation to take care of those that are there.

I think regardless of who is in charge, that the right thing to do here is to either provide nutrition to those who are detained, or to set them loose so they can provide for themselves. Nothing wrong with setting them loose on the Mexican side of the border.

I think quantity here does matter. With the shortage of a good, it matters how much is being deferred for government use.

The government official that is complaining about formula being shipped to detainment centers could be making a good point, or it could be complete nonsense. If these shipments mean her people now pay way more or don’t have access, she has a point. If the shipments would make basically no difference to her people (what I think is likely here), then she doesn’t make much of a point other than getting people upset over something that has basically no impact on their lives.

Which is my point - we should be kicking them all back over the Rio Grande. We have enough people here hurting and in need already. I feel the same way about our foreign aid and warmongering over seas.

Quantity does not matter. If even 1 pallet is sent to non-citizens when citizens are in need, that is inexcusable.


Speaking in a top-down perspective: you’re right. This is probably far lower than 1% of the formula currently on the markets. The problem here is that the state is happy to nanny families (that can breastfeed too!) that came here illegally while there are many citizens who are struggling to find this very product for their children. It’s not the impact to the supply that’s the issue, it’s that these baby-anchoring families are having all their needs met whilst breaking the law and OUR families aren’t having their needs met.

Nanny state for all, even if you don’t live here.

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I’m assuming you’re partially joking, but I keep seeing people say things along these lines, and what the hell would a civil war look like in 2022? This isn’t the 1800s where it would take days to find the enemy’s camp, or even send letters, or when as long as you traveled west far enough no one would find you. A town, county, militia, etc. could be surrounded by SEALs within hours, and the government would probably have cameras showing the faces of every single “opponent” as well as files on each of them as well.

Like really, how could we have a civil war? If the military is controlled by the government, then how could any group of citizens fight the government, or another group of citizens, without immediately being put down by the incredibly advanced technology in the hands of our law enforcement/military personnel?

As far as the baby formula, from what I can tell, the article didn’t necessarily state whether or not all of the detained children are with their mothers. If they’re not, then they need formula, as they won’t have anything else to eat. At least for the majority of American babies, mothers use formula as an alternative or supplement to breast milk, and if they are short on formula, their children still won’t starve.

Before anyone furiously responds, I have a 17 month old, and have found formula either gone, in meager supply, or at a raised price in my local stores.

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I will never understand catering to non-citizens while shitting on your actual citizens.

Well I do, but it is for slimy nefarious reasons.


Civil war would be absolutely horrendous for everyone, but thinking it can’t happen because of our military…

Our military has struggled to put down insurgents with Soviet Era weaponry in third-world countries in a place the size of one large city here.

I also think you would have a very hard time getting some of the military to engage their own citizens - you would have a split there too.

Circles back to the point that they shouldn’t be here - another failure of bleeding heart liberalism.