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Palin: Our Last and Best Hope Before We Go Socialist-Communist-Fascist


She makes you wonder how her countrymen could have been foolish enough to put Barack Obama in the White House, and what heâ??s still doing there.


Our 21st century Cincinnatus...Sarah, the heart and soul of America.


Did you post this facetiously? Or do you actually think that Palin has anything to offer over and above the gag reel highlights she gave us in the last election, and continues to give us whenever she opens her grocery hole?


Eye Roll :slight_smile:


Watch her speech at CPAC (the link). If not, you are in for the shock of your life, in 2016.

She would be far better than that lowlife community organiser Chicago pol, NOW. In 2016, things will be so out of control, America will finally opt for decency again.

SP = FTW!!


Palin has said it herself;

She is much more effective supporting conservative candidates...firing-up the base..."rallying the faithful"...than she is being a candidate.

And those things really ARE her strengths. (Case in point? The speech you linked to).

I just don't think that she likes the "rough-and-tumble", often BRUTAL and divisive aspects of running for, or being in, political office.

We'll see.



She's doing a great job of trashing Mitt Romney. Is that firing up the base? If so, I fucking love it. Fire up the base all day!


Okay, knock off the plagiarism!

Since the press took her out at the knees four years ago (Maybe the expression "gang rape" would be more accurate) there will be no sarah Palin presidency. Sarah Palin will not be winning any office at the national level, not now not ever.

And I'm actually okay with that -- There are far, far better that the GOP can offer up.


I think people forget that when ALASKAN politicians began to "turn the heat up" on Palin, she buckled and resigned. (As I recall).

That doesn't mean that she isn't a force to be reckoned with....but I don't (and SHE doesn't) see herself being The Chief Executive.

And yes...she is not a fan of Romney...



You mean the rough and tumble aspects that most conservative women have to endure by the mainstream liberal media?

Open your eyes my friend.


Is that how YOU saw it?

Now let's look at what she really did. She resigned from office where she was making maybe 100-k per year to expand the franchise that is Sarah Palin. She now pulls down about 5 mil per year in speaking fees, and as a paid political commentator for FOX. And no doubt many other streams of revenue.

Not so dumb.


Yep...she speaks a lot about that, Zeb...



And the President makes a lot less than that with a load more responsibility. So in many ways, you are supporting my point.

Look, Zeb...Sarah Palin is a lot of things...but "dumb" is not one of them. You BETCHA' she is doing better than any of those hacks in Alaska...and is laughing everytime she deposits one of those big checks.

And I've said more than once that she knows how to work her strengths; and being the Chief Executive (the point of this thread) is not one of them.

One last point. When Palin resigned, all those offers you spoke of were not on the table.



First of all neither you or I know what was on the table before she left office do we? She might have been negotiating behind the scenes for several weeks/months.

In addition to that I don't think that it's a stretch to assume that she was sitting on pure gold given the impact that she had on a good portion of the country.

One final point, she's not the only one to do this type of transition in recent years. Huckabee is another one who sold out for millions. And I'd much rather listen to him than many of the other so called professionals. When you reach that level of fame and are able to communicate you have obvious options. Sitting on your hands as Governor of Alaska doesn't have to be one of them.





Actually, she DOES have to sit on her hands as Governor. She ran for Governor, she won and she had voters and constituents to serve. She took an oath to serve the office for the entirety of the term she was elected to. I didn't follow her campaign for governor at all, but I can guarantee you that she wasn't running on a platform based on the possibility she might leave for greener pastures once she figured out that there is a HUGE market for uneducated political opinion from people whose opinions almost exactly mirror the target audience.

So don't sell me the hooker with the heart of gold, ZEB. Your defense of her is ugly. I guarantee that almost everyone who voted for her would not have done so at all if they knew she might resign the first time she saw a seven-figure contract cross her desk. If she didn't want to limit herself financially, she should not have run for a job that only paid a couple hundred grand a year. And she should have honored the commitment she made to the voters of Alaska. She made that bed and when it came time for her to fuck in it, she jumped ship, period.

And you say she's smart? She's as dumb as a box of 16-penny nails. ANYONE could have seen the writing on the wall the second the 2008 election was over. Here is a woman who excited a certain segment of a national political party. But it was also very obvious that she was totally unfit for higher office. Anyone with half a brain in their head could see by December of 2008 that Palin's future was bright as long as she turned herself into a conservative version of Oprah, which is all she really is now anyways. I saw that writing on the wall before the election was even over and I wrote a couple articles for the magazine I used to work for saying as much. So any idiot could have seen that politics was not where Palin's future lied, yet she's so fucking dumb she didn't realize until after she'd taken on a four-year commitment that she had become a cash cow overnight. So what does she do? Does she do the right thing, the AMERICAN thing, and stick with her commitment, put the nose to the grindstone and get shit done? No. She runs away from her commitment and toward the big pile of money (which, unfortunately is ALSO becoming a very American thing) while complaining the whole time about how she's a victim. Yeah, that's what I want in a politician: a greedy dumbass with no sense of commitment and responsibility who hides behind the false veneer of religion and has a serious victim mentality.


Everything that you say is tainted with a hate for her and a dislike for most of the GOP. And you hated her long before she decided to resign her position. With that said I was going to skip right past your post, but I just couldn't.

Let me explain something to you that you should already know and probably would understand better if a democrat did what she did. In America we don't have slaves anymore and there is no indentured servitude. Therefore, no matter what your job,if you don't want to do it anymore you don't have to.

Got that? And it doesn't matter what the job is, or even if you're elected to that job. Who knows maybe she felt that with all the negative press she was getting she couldn't lead and felt she was just a distraction to the affairs of her state? I don't know and I don't really care.

I am not saying that it was her finest moment. Nor would it be a highly paid baseball players finest moment to walk away from an agreement and never play again. But you see people are funny like that. I've run several businesses and when an employee wants to quit he or she just up and quits. "But...but you said you like it here only last week." Tough going buddy--

Hey...did you know that people even cheat on their wives when they get sick of them and want some exciting action? And ..yeah women cheat on their husbands too!

Wow, what an ugly, ugly world. Rather imperfect isn't it?

Hey man you don't like Palin nothing new there. And this really is one more good reason to hate her so hate on brother. She's not my favorite conservative, not by a long shot. But it's not because she resigned her position as Governor to make millions. In fact, I sort of admire her for that one. It was an "in your face" move to all the liberal media who took turns raping her in 08'. Now they have to live with her on TV daily. Ha ha...in a way the jokes on all of you who hated her from day one. Not funny huh? :frowning:

Now get going man I'm sure you have an Obama rally to go to somewhere---No?


And by the way how dare that Obama fellow give up his seat in the Senate to run for President. He served (well sort of served) for only two years before he started running for President.

Ahh...that probably didn't bother you much huh?

Gee I wonder why?

Smile man life's too shor to hate someone you don't even know.


Sarah Palin is the Kim Kardashian of politics. She's good at leveraging her celebrity into big paydays, attracts a certain kind of fan base, but simply is not all that impressive.


Stop with the bullshit, ZEB. You and I both know that there is no comparison whatsoever to slavery or indentured servitude and essentially living out the life of a contract that you spent millions of other people's dollars trying to sign. The negative press she was receiving didn't suddenly appear after her reelection. It was there from the start, and if it effects her ability to govern a state of 600,000 people, how would it effect her ability to govern a country of more than 300 million? If nothing else, I expect foresight and a commitment to the job from politicians, two qualities this episode demonstrated that Palin does not have.

I like how you hide your pitiful argument by couching it in typical catchphrases that play up the victim mentality of people like Palin: left-wing media, Obama rallies, etc. I laugh. I don't watch any overtly liberal news media, nor do I read it, and I did not and will not vote for the President. The reason I hate Palin is because she is emblematic of many of the problems with the voting electorate and the political system in general. She's a fucking idiot, plain and simple, and that evaluation has NOTHING to do with my political beliefs. Only someone content to play the victim would see my attacks on her as nothing more than hatred born of liberalism, especially considering I've never voted Democrat in my life. But you already knew that because I have to remind you of it every time I make a good point about something that you cannot argue against with any credibility, which is when your natural defense mechanism kicks in and you start accusing everything of being part of some GOP-hating, left-wing media-fed conspiracy against conservatism. It's a tired act, ZEB. Get a new one.

Your entire defense of her is pathetic and childish. First of all, you cannot just leave your job whenever you want without repercussions in certain cases. When someone just up and quits, that person certainly isn't going to get a good job recommendation. There's a reason why prospective employers typically ask if you've ever voluntarily quit a job without notice. It's frowned upon and it's a sign of immaturity, period. Her resignation wasn't an in-your-face move to the media, it was to her voters in Alaska. As if I'm supposed to believe for one second that her resignation was part of some master plan to get back at the mythical liberal media establishment, who basically has turned the tables on her alleged plan by simply ignoring her. She's getting paid to slowly become more and more irrelevant. Nice plan.


if we keep on the track we r on now, we should be ready to welcome full socialism in america. if obama gets re-elected we can see him try to get us there quicker than his first term. GROSS