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Palin Bags a Big One...


Just saw this on another website I check out.


I hate this shit


Then you should become a vegetarian. I find it humorous how disconnected we are from how life used to be in order to get fed or stockpile your freezer.


What I hate is how retarded it was... I have never come across an animal that dumb unless it was in a closed reserve. What did it take 6-7 shots.. unless that was 500+ yards out or something that caribou is retarded.

And yes I hunt regularly every year.. bow/rifle.


My question is, why the Christ did she keep on shooting if it was clear that the sights were screwed up and not corrected for her eyes?


LOL at the crosshair camera-view. Kinda makes me wonder whether she actually fired that winning shot.
That filthy cum-dumpster Palin is only good for getting railed in the ass and mouth at the same time. Fuck, she's 2 IQ points away from being a talking coconut.


I hunt too and I also thought some bits were damn retarded.Most likely she overestimated the range she was shooting as so most of her shots were high or the rifle was off zero.The vid didnt pan back too much for perspective but I'd be very surprised if that was much more than 200 yards.+she didnt seem to know how to cycle the bolt.+the bitch wanted to try an off hand shot when she missed 6 times previously with the other rifle .wtf..


What shooting a gun nine times before realizing that 1) the scope is off 2) she couldn't see behind your target, and 3) sky lighting.


That caribou is probably less than one year old. It probably doesn't know what humans look like, it has never been shot at, and last the gun was obviously not focused in so it wasn't even close to spook the caribou, or low enough to see the caribou look at where it in the ground, she was just shooting bullets over a hill.

The caribou is not retarded, it's instincts aren't developed fully like a caribou who has had lead rocks thrown at it for the past three years.


In my experience.. and I'm not one to shy away from bambie.. if you miss one shot they're out of there. If you're lucky they'll be confused for a sec and you might get another shot or two off.. but 6-7 shots from close range and its still standing there is pretty ridiculous to me unless its on a reserve where you can practically hand feed them.


+1 .I dont know if they do canned cariobou hunts but that one is tame as fuck.lol at her quoting Ted Nugent..Thats well his style.


Probably the same reason she said that the tax cuts could "Retro back" after Jan. 1.

This dumb bitch can't speak english, you expect her to shoot a gun?


Isn't she supposed to be an avid hunter?


Jesus Christ she's a bad shot. No wonder she hunts wolves out of fucking helicopters. They probably just hover about 10 ft. over a goddamned zoo and give her a .12 gauge with 3" slugs to shoot the damn wolves with. I used to think it was actually kinda cool that she was a hunter, but not anymore. She couldn't even eject the fucking cartridges herself. I've seen my sister drop a boar from about 200 yds with one shot out of my S&W .500 Magnum. THAT'S some shooting. But this? This was a joke. That caribou probably gets handfed everyday.

I mean, I've only been deerhunting once, but I've NEVER heard of any sort of game that just sits there and stares off into space while someone's shooting at it. She must have been missing by a mile for that thing to just stand there. And I doubt that rifle scope was that out of whack. If her dad and her husband are any sort of hunters at all, they were sighting that thing in either that morning or the day before. I also doubt she was even the one who dropped the thing. I'm supposed to believe she was missing so badly that the damn caribou wasn't even flinching and then she miraculously nailed it on the 7th or 8th try, with the bigger gun no less? What a fucking fraud...


Jesus H. Aleutian Christ... Mention of Palin brings out serious retardedness from left and from right?

Mods - Please send this shit off to PWI where it belongs with the other piles of shit.


Last year, I dropped a 400 pound cow elk. Out of the herd of 15 head, not one of them moved except the one I dropped. These weren't all one year olds either. Then another kid got up and shot a rock, one ran, but nothing. Then his cousin got up and shot off seven shots before hitting an elk. It took over ten minutes for them to clear out.

This was on state land. If an animal has not had face time with humans, they usually aren't timid of them especially if they are far away.

Hell, I've walked through a herd of elk in the day time, as they watched and smelled me walk through the herd.


Personally I can't understand a word she says, unless she has my dick in her mouth.


Yes, she's a horrible shot, or maybe the fact that she's a woman and they like to fidget with shit.

This is likely the reason, why plus the fact that the caribou was only a year old. It hasn't encountered humans.


And, don't think my defense of the "retarded" caribou is my defense of Palin...I don't like her at all.


If it gets sent there, you'll have everyone claiming that the liberal media altered the video to make her look bad. They'll start claiming that she dropped the thing from 500 yds, no scope, with a single shot out from a .22 right through the eye that bounced around in the thing's fucking brain pan.