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Palin 2012 Site Endorses Ron Paul



"I have owned and run the Sarah Palin for President in 2012 website. We have decided to close the website and endorse Congressman Ron Paul for President in 2012 because of his unique support for a balanced foreign policy, sound money and limiting the power of the Federal Reserve."


good for him, paul is 1000x better than palin :wink:

ps. This could be used as a pro-argument against paul because I am a pinko-leftist-europeen-hippie-twentie-something guy and canditates that are wiewed in a positiv light from someone like me, will have a hard time getting elected by the GOP crowd I guess ZEB might say LOL.

just putting it out there, becuase we know where this thread are going.


Amusingly, there are many liberals that consider Ron Paul a "hard rightist" while many [neo]conservatives insist he is little more than a "liberal." And yes, he certainly is better than Palin by leaps and bounds.


Well he does not fit in with either the republicans or democrats. Mostly because of he`s anti-militarist position in my opinion. He is closer to the independent left in my opinion because he is not a hawk. And that makes him a good guy in my book. If he was just a marcedliberalist and not a anti-militarist, he would probably be more popular with the political elite.
This is offcours my subjectiv wiew of the guy.