Palestine Night! And All The Others...

So I went to this Palestine Day up at school and they had some pretty fire hummus.
They talked for too long about Palestine and how they’re not all terrorists, and that they were there before Israel. They said there was going to dancing, so I was exciting for some belly dancing or something.

So After the talk, they brought out this dance troupe, who were all in long-sleeved shirts, with a map cut out of Israel, with some bold text, “THIS IS PALESTINE!,” in addition to this, they had some jeans, but more odd than all, they were all wearing veils. They like held hands and hopped around, and did this sad sexless dance for about 5 minutes to this “HABIBI!” sound track. It lacked even a drop of femininity or sexuality it was all hopping and holding hands and shit.
Anyways, I was like… This is completely surreal, I wish I had a camera for this.

For real, I’d rather have Argentina nite where I watch some Tango and eat some big ass steak,
or like Colombian Nite where I watch a kidnapping drink some aguardiente, or maybe German Nite, where I watch some German girl dance with some black guys.

Any body been to one of these things? Or a similarly surreal affair, I’ve been to a few, but never expected anyone to do Palestine.

Romanian Nite where all nearby gas stations run out of cigarettes.