Paleolithic Nutrition

Any of you guys heard of it? What do you think?

I did it about 10 months ago. It’s good stuff. I dropped from 244 to 228 in about a month. Then again, I was also working out for roughly 21 hours a week between bball and lifting…


Nothing new.

That’s basically the way a lot of bodybuilding diet experts are suggesting to eat, including Johnny Bowden, John Berardi, even Christian Thibadeau and Charles Poliquin I believe. Laroyal, an extremely knowledgeable member on this site, also likes this type of eating for his clients.

Meats, healthy fats, fruits, veggies. If you’re not surrounding your diet around these, look into it.

EDIT: Looking over this post, it kinda comes off jerk-y. Sorry about that. Was just noting that this style of eating is a pretty smart choice and is pretty well known among nutritionists.

I was looking for a revolution and it turns out to be the norm haha.