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Paleo People


I know Paleo does not allow dairy...thoes of you that follow Paleo or a modified version of it, how many you would keep Greek Yogurt or kick it out of your diet?


depends if you're following Paleo as a fad, or religious experience, i.e. the uptight type, that gets all bent out of shape when someone eat's a slice of bread or bowl of oatmeal every other week. I'd ask WHY you're following Paleo? If it's because you believe it to be a healthy way of living, easy way to diet, and leaves you feeling "good" (like i do), I'd say greek yogurt is gonna be okay to include.


^well said. true paleo is pretty strict.

i think the main thing to take from it is just to try to eat as much non or minimally processed foods as you can.


Great thanks. I follow it to be healthy plus a lot of foods bother my stomache and paleo prevents that.


I would guess the yogurt would be fine, so long as it does not bother the gut. I follow a paleo diet, and generally avoid dairy - but that is due to a stomach condition. From reading different paleo sights I get the impression though that many followers of the diet eat some dairy. One popular paleo information location, Marks Daily Apple, even sells whey protein for weight lifting.



I find that ironic on a level that makes me laugh every time I hear it.

Also, Primal Blueprint followers distinguish themselves from paleo followers in a way I read once then immediately forgot.
But don't ask one in person unless you have 30 minutes to spare.


Oh man that was the best explanation of it I've ever heard. I did paleo for along time and I found a good amount of paleo folks to be uptight assholes. I switched to AD to bulk up plus the paleo guys just seemed like dicks.


I do paleo + rice, cottage cheese and yogurt (with the occasional grain-thing when as "cheat" food)


I know the whole "paleo" (and its variants) thing is just branding for a diet so that someone can put their name on it and make money off of it but for the most part the point is to not eat processed foods.

Just stick with unprocessed/organic foods and you'll be alright. If it comes in a cardboard box, you probably should just leave it alone lol



I think you can realize most or all the benefits of a paleo diet if you just cut out wheat/gluten.


Just call yourself a "Lacto-Paleo". :slightly_smiling:


What a stupid diet. As if our digestive systems are not capable of taking care of modern food.


Good argument.


...not really. that's hardly what paleo is about


I'm sure he was being sarcastic... lol.

I have been reading Wheat Belly lately and it has some awfully interesting things to say about modern wheat (as opposed to the wheat years and years ago).


When is seed oil belly going to come out?


oops. my bad :slight_smile:


I drink milk on Paleo (PWO shakes), but as has been pointed out Im not a mega nut job who gets personally offended by someone else's take on a method of eating.

I try to drop grains/wheat/gluten. To a 90% success rate, which is success.


Depending upon your goals I would watch yogurt even the greek kind. If you are insulin sensistive you should be fine but if your insulin resistant you could be in for fat gain or slower results.


Also, carrots and almost all fruits will make you fat.