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Paleo Man Was Cannibalistic


So this means that he was "meant" to eat his homeboys!

So you should do the same.



Prehistoric people ate each other, bones show
'Nutritional cannibalism' may have been practiced 12,000 years ago, research finds

By Jennifer Viegas
Discovery Channel
updated 12/13/2010 10:22:59 AM ET 2010-12-13T15:22:59
Share Print Font: +-Prehistoric humans, along with Neanderthals and Homo antecessor, made meals of each other, suggests new research on probable human teeth marks found on prehistoric human bones.

The findings, which will be published in the January issue of The Journal of Human Evolution, support prior theories that the first humans to re-colonize Britain after the last ice age practiced nutritional cannibalism 12,000 years ago at a site called Gough's Cave in what is now Somerset, England.

It was a survival strategy, according to authors Yolanda Fernandez-Jalvo and Peter Andrews.

"Think that a member of your group dies," Fernandez-Jalvo told Discovery News. "The body can give one day off from hunting, which was always dangerous at that time, and what to do with the dead body that may attract other dangerous carnivores that may attack the group."

"This could be a good solution," she added, reminding that cannibalism does not always mean the cannibal killed the consumed individual.

To determine what patterns humans leave behind when they chew or gnaw on bones, the researchers had four different groups of European people chew raw and cooked meat bones from various animals.

The scientists also studied bones, now in a museum, which were chewed in the 1960s by the Koi people of Namibia. The Koi tended not to cook food as much as the Europeans did, so the researchers wanted to see what kind of damage they left behind on discarded bones.

They determined that when humans chew and gnaw bones, a distinctive pattern is left behind. It includes bent ends of bones, puncture marks, superficial linear marks, peeling, crenulated ends and double arch punctures on the chewed edge. Not all of these features are unique to human chewing, but in combination, the researchers believe the features provide evidence for human eating.

Since bone chewing usually occurs when the consumer is trying to get at marrow and the last bit of meat, the marks can help to distinguish nutritional cannibalism from ritual de-fleshing. The findings can also reveal which animals prehistoric humans and human ancestors ate.

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"Indications of Homo habilis eating hedgehog and using tools to eat them" has already been identified, Fernandez-Jalvo said.

She also said evidence suggests Neanderthals consumed marine mammals shortly after these animals gave birth, "chasing the youngest as an easy and clever strategy and avoiding the adults that were quite dangerous."

There is also evidence for an older man in China using stones to bang down on meat so it would be easier to chew.

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..Charles Egeland, an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, told Discovery News that "distinguishing human chewing damage from other agents (carnivores, non-human primates, non-biological processes) is extremely important."

"One of the more interesting implications of this study â?? and there are many â?? is that we may now have a useful set of criteria to identify meat-eating among early, pre-stone tool-using, hominids," he said.

"Somewhat ironically, this then raises the question of whether modern human chewing damage is actually the best analog for these early hominids," Egeland added. "Would chimpanzee chewing damage make a better analog?"

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Thanks bro this should really improve my WOD time!


What's WOD?


I always had a feeling that Fred ate Wilma, and Barney ate Betty.


Taboos aside, I don't know that most modern people would qualify as nutritionally wholesome.

The whole topic fits with a recent online argument I made that cannibalism would provide a near limitless food supply for the survivors in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Why let all those dead zombies go to waste after killing them in self defense, I reasoned. I also figured a high-temperature cooking would kill off any virus.

But my zombie-expert girlfriend pointed out that I had forgotten that zombies are already in a state of decomposition, and rotten meat is neither healthy nor appetizing. Well, to a lesser extent this could be true for non-zombies. Just think of all the xenoestrogens you'd be ingesting just from the Axe body wash your dinner had probably been using.




There are some really ugly bastards walking around that I would rather never even touch, let alone eat.

I don't care if Dr. Whatshisface says paleo diets are the be all to end all.


Ya friggin' better think it's the way to go! The Paleo Squad says Paleo man is the poster boy for healthy and that we're not meant to eat what he didn't eat. T

This article provides evidence that he was feastin' on his homies; so you should do the same.

I heard you start to stink if you eat human too much. Like I was watching some documentary on You Tube about the cannibal Andrei Chikatilo, and the crime writer who interviewed him said him and his cell stunk. So he contacted some doctor who told him humans aren't really "set up" to eat human and the stink was caused by some metabolic reaction.

What did Ed Gein say to the police when they raided his home?

"Have a heart!"

What was Ed Gein's favorite treat?

A lady finger!

I kill myself! LULZ! :slightly_smiling:


Dr. Loren Cordain?


Crossfit humour.


Just to clarify, Ed Gein was not a canninal.


This is triggering some vague memory of reading about (maybe for class back in high school) an isolated tribe that was suffering from some kind of horrible wasting disease that looked like huntingtons or parkinsons. They were diagramming family trees trying to figure out if it was recessive or dominant, sex linked or any of the other odd genetic variations.

Turned out it was not congenital at all but acquired by eating the remains of fellow tribesmen. I think it was a long the lines of mad-cow disease, horrible awful proteins wreaking havoc in tissue that would love to get inside of you and do the same.

They stopped fucking eating each other and the disease went away.

Or something like that. It was a long time ago.


50 bucks says paleotards start preaching YEC alongside their usual tripe to refute this nonsense.

And, just like that, a new sect of Christianity is born. Gotta wonder how they are going to sidestep the fact that Christ's symbolic flesh is teh grainz, though.


True. But he did like drinking from inverted skulls.


Nah, I was thinking Weston Price, but couldn't come up with the name as I was typing.


Touche. I read a dossier on serial killers last year and Gein was one of the major ones documented, though technically he wasn't a serial killer. It was all pretty interesting.


This thread was extremelly well saved by your avi.


Not surprising our closet relatives the chimpazee are not only closeted meat eaters but also cannibals when they want that extra lean meat.


Well, if I recall correctly, he only killed one woman and allegedly his own brother.

Doesn't really qualify as serial murder.

He did a lot of weird shit though - grave robbing, decorating his home and making appliances and table and silverware with human bodyparts, dressing up in human skin, pretending he was a woman. He served human meat to his neighbors. He had a bag of silver painted vulvas, I think. A belt made of nipples. A vest made of human skin. Just far out shit!

How do people wind up so sick?!!! Dahmer was worse!


If this starts a new dieting fad the voraphiliacs of the world will be lining up to help.