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Paleo Diet?


I have been on paleo diet (alike) for more than 1 month,, but with a few difficulties somedays,,, because of work but now im retaking the diet,,,

how do people here feel about the paleo diet??

Also,, im going to get a Flameout and a wey (for meal 2 and 4 and post workout),, What else would you people recommend,,,

Im 24 years old, and overweight at 208 pounds,,


i stopped eating bread, pasta, rice, of course all the processed foods and ETOH... and, well, before long i was practically paleo.

since i was protein focused -- trying to get 20g of protein with all meals and snacks -- it was hard to get away from cottage cheese since that went so well with veggies. as i understand it, paleo means no dairy so i've never been 100% but the emphasis on veggies and fruits for carbs made a big difference in my body recomp. i am a lot less bloated going by the mirror and dropped a bit on BF calipers.

whey shakes and fish oil are great ideas to go with what you are doing. go for it!


thanks for the prompt reply man,

But for fish oil i am being recommended to buy the Flameout,,, someone told me not to be cheap on the omega-3 and that Flameout is a must be,,, its just that its way too expensive where i live. (I mean expensive if im planning to keep it up with the omega-3 as part of my living from now on).


its good stuff


o and btw, "people" on this sight kinda hate anything to do with Crossfit, and the paleo/zone diet are so closely linked with Crossfit that you might catch some flack from some posters. Just a warning.


well, the whey is just for the meal 2 and 4 as I said,, since I'm not bringing a piece of meat to work or something like that, this is much easier to keep up.

I mean with the supps, I think that with diet I am OK for now...

Whey + Omega3 (Flameout)... Maybe some HOT-ROX? (i tried hidroxycut and It worked the first time but the 2nd one didnt, it gave me a lot of headaches and made me miss the caffeine,, hehe)...


I see, I know everyone will have diff kind of feelings about things, thanks for the warning.


yea HOT-ROX is a great addition for your fat loss plan. and it's true that Flameout kicks all other fish oil's ass. If you actually look at whats in it, you'd have to take something like 3 times more pills from a generic fish oil brand to get the same omega-3s that the Flameout has.


Look, if "paleo" appeals to you, do it. But this idea that a "paleo" diet is so superior to every other is just nonsense.

When you need to lose a bunch of fat, 2 things matter:
1) adequate protein
2) calorie deficit

You can do that in the context of "paleo," modified paleo, or whatever the heck else you want.


noone said paleo was the end all, be all diet.


my body changed for the better when i cut out breads, etc. and instead ate more veggies and fruit. perhaps a calorie
is just a calorie, and certainly the law of thermodynamics is on your side of the argument, but IME it was a good strategic
change. i'm more of a practical person and wouldn't say it was superior.


Very unlikely that you kept calories constant when making that change.

Even so, for nominal equal calories of fruit+veggies versus bread, the fruit+veggies would have a higher TEF.

I do not believe that all calories are equal. But in real-life diets, it's pretty hard to find big body comp effects that cannot be explained mostly by calories and adequate protein.