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Paleo Diet Shakes

Trying to change my ways and clean bulk on paleo. For those of you who follow paleo pretty strictly and avoid dairy, what is a good portein shake alternative to whey? Any specific brands out there that make non-dairy protein shakes? Or would I be best to throw some raw eggs in a smoothie ?

Eggs white powder is probably your best bet.

Been following paleo-ish approach for awhile now. Jay Robb’s protein is the best I’ve found if you want to stay somewhat strict. I generally blend a scoop of the chocolate whey or egg white protein w/ unsweetened almond milk and organic heavy whole cream. Sometimes add a scoop of almond or cashew butter and chunks of 100% unsweetened cocoa.

If I want to up the carbs, I add SoDelicious brand Vanilla Coconut milk and hazelnut coconut cream.

You can also blend it w/ Zico coconut water. They offer Pomegranate and Lemon flavored versions, that mix well w/ fruit and vanilla or unflavored protein.

Most often I fill a Magic Bullet cup halfway with the milk, protein, and other ingredients, blend, fill the rest with ice then blend again. Grab a spoon and you’ll never go back to regular ice cream.

I thought dairy and processed food was a no go on paleo

[quote]bwbski wrote:
I thought dairy and processed food was a no go on paleo[/quote]

Thats true. Plus paleo man didnt have access to any shakes so how about dem apples?

Anyways, I would prob just mix various fruits, a fruity protein powder and ice into a blender. No dairy or grains :wink:

If you wanted to bulk on a Paleo diet, I believe four bananas blended with egg whites and water be a good post workout shake. I’m considering giving that a go after my show, I like to put the breaks on protein powders for a couple months out of the year.

I still wouldn’t cut out the oatmeal though, just because it wasn’t eaten over 10K years ago doesn’t mean it’s bad. I think Paleo is great if you’re over 20% bodyfat and just need to tighten up, definitely not optimal for muscle growth and gaining lean body mass.