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Paleo Diet Questions for Coach Davies and others

This is a two part question. One, I was interested in hearing where some of you Paleo eaters get your ostrich, bison, and other meats for decent prices (I live in Buffalo, NY if it makes any difference). Two, and this is directed to Coach Davies or anyone who can help, how strictly do you have your athletes follow a Paleo-style diet (I read in a previous post that you have many of your athletes follow a paleo-like diet)? What macro percentages do you have them consume, on average? Do you change things up when they are in season? Thanks for the help.


I get most of my bison and other exotic meats from local bison ranches and butcher shops. I had to look pretty hard, and the nearest shop is 40 minutes away, but I just stock up. Select health food stores may carry bison, but it’ll cost you. Do an internet search for “exotic meat,” “buffalo ranch,” “bison ranch,” and “venison,” as well as “ostrich ranch,” and the like. I used to order a lot of meat from a few midwest buffalo ranches (Star B, Busy Nook, Brady Ranch, etc.) and Axis deer farms and stock up my storage freezer that way. Having a local store is a lot less costly. One idea you might explore: many ranches have a buffalo ownership program. You give them $50 each month, and they raise your own buffalo until you want it slaughtered, usually at about 2 years. Total cost, minus shipping is $1200, but you get several hundred pounds of quality meat. As far as paleo eating is concerned, I’m a big time advocate. It makes sense to eat a “factory spec” diet. My macro ratios are usually about 37P (about 400g) 33F 30C.

Thanks Dan. Yeah, I’ve checked around here and haven’t found anything local, but I have found some places online…I just wonder how the prices I have found so far compare to others. Thanks for the macro info too…the whole Paleo diet idea is very interesting to me.