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Paleo Desserts?


Any ideas on what to have for desserts when following a paleo type approach? After all the sweets today, I'm considering starting a paleo/natural type eating plan for a while. My diet is pretty much my downfall and unfortunately my nightly goodies are a big part of it. Any ideas on what I can eat when the nightly sweet cravings hit would be greatly appreciated.


well you never really want to eat anything sweet at night. very bad idea. as for paleo deserts they are limited to fruits and dried fruits. i guess one could attempt to make some form of desert using paleo ingredients.


drink diet pop to quell a sugar craving. caffeine-free if at night.

eat paleo during the week, but on the weekend if you feel like having a burger or some ice cream, have at it man.


Paleo or any diet is not a quick fix and it appears as though that's what you're looking for.

You need to sort out why you resorted to all those sweets in the first place and work on that (including your mental/emotional state).


I'm sorry if I seemed like I want a quick fix. I just meant after yesterday I decided I really need to change for the long haul and the paleo type diet seems like the direction I want to go.


The creature's raw liver. :wink:
Or maybe that's going a little too "Paleo" haha


Ok sorry if I misinterpreted. There is an excellent Paleo diet cookbook on this site (its a thread).

I don't know how Stevia is viewed by Paleo dieters but it's a natural sweetener worth considering. I've used it to bake brownies before using whey, cocoa powder, coconut and so on.

I would read up further into Paleo, look into macros (ensure you know where you're sourcing your PFC from etc). I did Paleo since July last year, definitely saw a body composition change - BUT I didn't manage my calories well enough so be wary of that. Now I incorporate some grains and starchy carbs into my diet (quinoa, rice, sweet potato) but I don't eat other grains/gluten/corn etc. I certainly feel better and my diet is more balanced IMO.


Dessert? I thought Paleolithic man gnawed gristle off bones and fucked anything with tits after dinner? You're doing this all wrong!


Get some nectarines. Take out the stones and cut them in half. Stick a few raspberries in the gap where the stone was (or other berries, I just find raspberry's flavour works best). Bake them in the oven for a bit. Serve with a dollop of greek yogurt that has zero sugar. Coconut greek yog is amazing and if you can't find this just add some dessicated coconut to normal greek yogurt. Tastes amazing and this totally kills any sweet cravings!


Look at the recipes Chris Shugart puts out in the V-Diet section (S's Hammer usually).

Most of them are paleo, or almost-paleo (cheese and artificial/alternative sweetener)


Starvation is the one true paleo way.


I've made paleo brownies before.

Combine almonds (70g), walnuts (70g), milled flaxseed (50g), honey (2tbsp), protein powder (6scoops) (ok not paleo, but close), some arrowroot (1tbsp) and 6 eggs.

Shouldn't be too thick. Chuck it in the oven for about 15.

Or, eat the raw mixture with a spoon


You're not looking at this in the right way, IMO. Do you think just because it's paleo, it's good for you? Fructose is fructose. Whether you are fixing your cravings with cake, or with a handful of dates, you're still not fixing the underlying problem. Paleo, is an eating lifestyle...not a solution to sweet tooth. That can only be resolved by not giving into the nighttime cravings, paleo or not.


Blueberries, but only in the summer.

Paleo's didn't have access to fruit in the winter.


As long as you're down with erythriol --

1) Ice-coconut-cream treat: consists of almond milk, coconut milk, vanilla protein powder, soy lecithin and erythriol. Maybe some stevia as well. Can add egg yolks as well.

As a topping: Cinnamon, erythriol and pecans. Slow "roast" over med-medium low heat, until erythriol melts. Add a pinch of sea salt before it has had a chance to cool.

Add toasted shredded coconut (use same pan) and lightly fry up some coconut shreds (from a bag of course).

2) Also, you can soft poach eggs and add them to coconut milk and protein powder. Dilute with water and blend (blender) in some frozen berries of choice. Sounds weird until you try it.

I love a good mug of tea or coffee with these meals. Is caffeine a no-go on paleo?


There are a lot of paleo desserts out there. Here's one of my favorites:

Lemon Tarts - http://www.cathletics.com/recipes/recipe.php?recipeID=7

I've done this with walnut flour and also used lime instead of lemon.

One thing to consider is going a couple weeks at least with no sugar or sweets aside from some fruit and see if your sweet cravings start to disappear. Berries or stone fruits with a little whipping cream/heavy cream or coconut milk on there is a nice treat. Or, throw fruit and a can of coconut milk in a blender/food processor. Blend it up and pour in a pan and throw in the freezer. Keep stirring it up and scraping the sides and you end up with a nice frozen dessert.


Dude just google anything sweet you want+paleo ie paleo brownies or paleo cinnamon rolls or paleo treats. Some of the best I found, even though shes a vegan, is fudge babies from http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/
super easy and tasty. Just have to be careful with how many you have. I have recently been snacking on a custard made from dark chocolate chips and coconut milk. There is a boat load of stuff out there.