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Palatinose for Bulking


Does anyone know how much of palatinose gets metabolised into your muscle? I'm thinking of using it as a carb for cooking, because even though splenda is sweet enough, it can't replace the texture of sugar (i.e. not thick enough). However, since Palatinose is derived from honey to the best of my knowledge, I don't know how much of it is metabolised into muscle, and how much isn't.. Tried searching on this site and in google, but to no avail :frowning: Anyone got any bright ideas?


If it's just a sweetener like artifical sweeteners are, I don't think any of it would be absorbed by your muscles as glycogen stores. I could be wrong but I'm almost 100% sure that artifical aweeteners do not have the ability to be converted to glycogen and in fact aren't even similar to sugar in any way, shape or form.

I could be wrong though. Are you actually worried about it being abosrbed and or turning to fat? Because if you're bulking I wouldn't worry about the little bit of extra calories a few teaspoons of sugar would add if you wanted to use it for cooking. Then again, if you're baking something most recipes call for a shit load of sugar so you may be better off using splenda.


Palatinose is a low GI carbohydrate - approx 35? (someone correct me). It has a white granular form like sugar and is 1/2 as sweet as normal sugar.


Thanks, benmoore.. But that doesn't answer the original question.

Football, thanks - I'm hoping at least some of it gets metabolised into muscle! It'd be a shame, otherwise. If it's only 1/2 as sweet as sugar, but same in terms of calories, there's not a lot of point in using it (in my case, at least) if it doesn't get metabolised into muscle.

Speaking of carbs, anyone know if Vitargo is a good post-workout carb? Does it get metabolised into muscle?


Yes and no. Yes as in it's an excellent carb source, with added creatine for muscle recovery. It has WMS(Waxy Maise Starch), which in itself is a debatable carb source but almost everyone I've read to use it says it works amazingly. In fact it's what I use post workout. The claims say that it's alot heavier than plain dextrose on the molecular level which allows it to empty the stomach immediately and go straight into the intestines to be absorbed into the blood stream then your muscles. I've had amazing success with it and no down falls. I'm able to use large amounts of it with minimal fat gain, unlike normal sugars.

But no, it doesn't metabolise or "turn" into muscle. It helps replenish your glycogen stores which in turn give your muscles energy to heal and recover. Actual muscle building comes from the protein you consume.

If you have creatine already I wouldn't go with the vitargo. Plus, some may say that 10g of creatine in one shot may just be pissing money away. Most only need 3-5g.


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Football061 - Huh? Vitargo has creatine in it? That's interesting.. I thought it was just a seperate carb? Thanks for the info on WMS too, sounds like something I might buy once I find a good source.

Bushy, thanks for the info mate! Anything to add on Vitargo or WMS?