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Pakistan giving China access to US helicopter



So we give these fuckers HOW much money? And they had OBL right under their nose the whole time. And NOW they want to "give China a peek" at the wreckage of our top secret stealth helicopter?


Fox news has this on their website as well as a bunch of "conspiracy type" sites. Has anyone else heard about this?


Yes. Not sure how much they can get from it as it looks like standard procedure was followed(i.e. looks like the downed stealth Blackhawk was blown up with HE charges). Pakistan's belligerent behaviour is likely to 'increase tensions'(euphemism for 'WTF are we going to do about these fucking lunatics with nukes?')


The tail of the chopper is fine and 2 Chinese scientist have already seen it. The radar absorbing materials can be examined and if there are any electronics in the tail...



Second photo shows the rest of the helicopter:


More photos of the rotor section and comparison with UH-60 Blackhawk rotor:


Same thing happened in the Balkans war with a steath bomber which is probably why the US "mistakenly" blew up the Chinese embassy there.


As a former crew chief and Mechanic for the Blackhawks, I would kill just to inspect that aircraft. Spent 6 yrs in and I am amazed that they kept that hiding from even me. That technology is a gold mine for whoever buys that.
Like 4est said they are interested in the materials and even maybe the gearboxes. Lots of Antennas on those MH-60s.


If you are so worried about china, why the fuck have you spent the last few decades making them richer than any other country on the planet? You might not be handing over your technology to them but they certainly aren't short of funds to research their own.

China isn't exactly a major worry strategically, its forces only have enough oil to fuel them for just over a week in the event of a major conflict. Just exactly what kind of a major threat is that? The only option open to them is total annhiliation via MIRV warheads and thats the classic case of MAD so it's not going to happen.


Um, China provides for two thirds of its own crude oil supplies currently. In the event of a world war it will be aligned with the countries with the largest oil reserves in the world: Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Kuwait, Venezuala etc. China also has a SPR(Strategic Petroleum Reserve) program in place.


Right. But the SPR and land based oil supplies only count as a reasonable reserves under normal conditions. Under war conditions, the rate of consumption would be increased drastically which is why the reserves AT BEST would only last a week. And being aligned with those countries means nothing in the event of a major conflict, securing those supplies and transporting them safely would be next to impossible under war conditions, since their planes and tanks would have run out of gas before things had even got started after the first tactical exchanges. China is in no position to win a conventional war, despite it having massive ground forces and a growing air force.


'Being aligned with those countries means' EVERYTHING if Russia/China have naval/air supremacy. 'Transporting them safely' depends entirely on naval/air supremacy.



You are ignoring the very simple and easy to grasp point here. China cannot have air supremacy if it runs out of gas within the first week. No air support means game over. It doesn't matter how great it's missiles are unless it can transport them around. And you are also ignoring the VAST US technological advantage when it comes to weapons technology. You think you get to read about all the good stuff in the papers and online?

There is absolutely NO WAY the US will ever allow china into a position to challenge it militarily and present a serious threat. The above limitation is a massive one and one the USA does not have.


Russia has oil. China borders Russia. Khazakhstan has an oil pipeline flowing into China. This pipeline is also connected to Siberia. Russia will provide China with oil.

'Good stuff' that highlights my concerns about Russia/China and air supremacy:


Khazakhstan fears China:


Don't forget the orignal missile defence systems planning was started under the reagan administration. It's old news, the technology is just coming online. The US got there first and the other guys are just playing catch up.

And yes china is grabbing every drop of oil it can get, for obvious reasons as I've already stated. This is not news either.