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Pairing Squats With Other Muscles Groups


hey everyone. so right now ive only been lifting seriously for about 2 months. im doing great right now with starting strength ever since i learned how to eat and sleep. ill probably switch over to a 5 or 6 day split in a few months or more when im pretty good at the basic lifts and i have what i think is an interesting question for anyone doing a split routine.

so squatting is supposed to release growth hormones such as testosterone right? well if this is the case does anyone think that its a good idea to pair a muscle group or exercise that you wanna concentrate on improving with squats? like for example if you felt that your shoulders were lagging and you wanted to give them some special attention would it help (or better yet, has anyone tried) to squat in the same workout to take advantage of the anabolic hormones released by squatting.


you mean like deadlift, bench, press, and powerclean??

SS has you squatting EVERY workout...


From what I understand this is largely bullshit, or at least the amounts released do not have a significant effect on your body. This isn't as big of a deal as all teh article jockeys make it out to be.

It doesn't matter how you pair what, or what order you do your shit in. Over the course of years, yes YEARS of lifting it won't matter one fucking bit what lifts you did on what day or what order, if you get stronger on everything you do, and actually work all your muscle groups.

So... Do that, and stop worrying about stupid little details.


Just to add an observation here (as a beginner !!).

Pairing exercises is something i HAVE to do if i am to get a decent workout sesion on a work day (12+ hr shifts).
People are really surprised in my gym (yeah i know !) that i will pair up 'big' exercises like deadlift and bench.
Does seem like a good way (only way for me) to get quality work done and get everything else (life and work) attended to as well.

No idea on the hormone issue--probably more relevant to rely on the increased insulin sensitivity created by hard exercise and a decent nutrition programme to gaurantee gains--oh and decent sleep --which would be nice i have to add !!


No real opinion of the hormone thing.
But I've done plenty of full body workouts including squat with other work including upper body stuff. You do it if thats what your program calls for.

Now, if your question is do squats noticably make overhead pressing better if done in the same day? No but I think overhead pressing will make your overhead pressing better.


yeah i know that thanks lol. i was asking about a split routine. and anyway thanks to everyone else. its not something i really considered important but i did think it was an interesting idea. thanks for the input guys.


Even assuming it isn't bullshit, the effect wouldn't be so concentrated to what you happened to be working on with the squats.


What amazes me with that hormone theory, is how many people take it as gospel and believe their 100 lb half ROM squats is going to make them huge.

Not to say there isn't an effect ... there may well be ... but it would come as a result of heavy duty training. I.e. actually putting the effort in to move massive weight.

It is much more effective to focus on the effort you put in as opposed to the kind of exercises you are pairing.


The point of SS is not to do it for a little while then switch to a different program when you think you are ready. You follow SS, or any program for that matter, until you can no longer make progress. If you are still making progress on a program, there is no reason to change it.





good point. really good point actually. i dont know how long ill be able to still make progress on SS but i'll see.


Now that is very interesting. Actually something of a revelation.

So in your personal opinion, exactly how critical are compound lifts? I was under the impression that without them you will NOT grow. Because of the hormones..