Any paintballers here?!

I’m having a paintball war at my house tomarrow, so I thought I’d ask. It is pretty expensive, but well worth it to me, if you have decent players/equipment/course.

Hey man,
I wouldlove to. I have a Tipmann a-5 with Flatline and Lucky 13 barrels, E-trigger, Nitro, smart parts regulator…ahh i could go on and on. I play all the time, played in a couple meets with some friends, but unfortunately i am deployed overseas. SO i just get to shoot the kind you can’t wipe off =*). Nice to know there fellow paintballers here.

I used to but haven’t touched my spyder since I was introduced to airsoft. The equipment is ALOT cheaper. And it’s just more fun slaming in mags in a MP5 or AK-47 than having and ugly hopper on top of your gun.

Paintballer here.

Used to play every weekend at some forest down south. I haven’t played in a few months though, I need to get back into it.

I used to be on a team that was sponsored but I stopped after awhile…I didn’t really have time every weekend and stuff. I liked playing out in the desert where it was a nice course because it had ditches and trees and places to hide like under a bunch of fallen trees was where I’d hide sometimes because it was between two different sides of the course and It give me the chance to come around back on people…

Man I used to play the hell out of paint ball. Had a tricked out Spider I dumped a ton into that would hang with any auto cocker or auto mag back in the day. Now packed away I have a auto cocker remote setup etc. just collecting dust back in Kansas damn it. I need to find time to get out.

Anyway YES hell of a blast and GREAT pass time.

have fun.

Hey I’m glad this thread came up!

I was invited to a Paint Ball battle in mid October. I have never played paint ball before and need some serious advice, such as:

  1. What type of paint ball gun should I buy?

  2. What sort of tactics should I employ?

Sorry about the newbie questions, but I’m lost.

Zeb a great starter IMO is a Spyder. They are very simple and easy to upgrade your self by modifying them and buying extras as you get into it. and very low priced.

As for tips. Man its really an experience thing. RUN fast shoot a LOT, but more than enough paint. You can really pin people down. OH and TALK a LOT with your team. It is uauslly the team that works the best together and communicates that wins. Also depends on the game, speed ball or more of a wildernes thing, attack and defend, each require different apporaches.

Dont get shot in the junk. Or the fingers those are the worst. LOL

Have fun.

i have 2 nice autocockers, i used to be sponsored by national paintball supply, brass eagle, and some local fields…we played amateur, probably could’ve went pro but my teammate tore his acl/mcl


[quote]ZEB wrote:

  1. What type of paint ball gun should I buy?

  2. What sort of tactics should I employ?

  3. I’d suggest a Tippman Custom 98 to start with. It is what I have used (with a number of mods at this point), and have no regrets about it. No matter what you chose to start with, I’d highly recommend a semi-auto.

Back in the day, I used a Brass Eagle (Walmart Special!) pump. There is no comparison between on of these guns and the Tipmann (Even a Tipmann pump!). If you spend the little extra money now to start with something decent, you won’t regret it.

  1. Be bold; this is only paintball, not a real gunfight. Getting shot really doesn’t hurt (okay, except for in the junk and the knuckles; those ones always seem to hurt). Run, jump, dive, roll, and run some more. I find the more you move, the better the experience.

Personally, I am not of the spray-and-pray variety, but it does work for many beginners.