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Pains in My Thumbs


I have pain in my thumbs. They are very tight and hurt.
Probably from typing on the computer all day as thats my job, but its gotten worse.
So I stopped typing for a few days. Still wont go away.

I tried massaging them but I think it only made the pain worse. I tried looking for trigger points as that is how I got rid of a neck pain I once had. But i cant find any… maybe a few in my back but not much.

I have tried stretching my wrists and thumbs and nothing is helping.
Anyone have an ideas on what I can do to help the pain.


You know shamguy4, whenever you have bilateral pain in your hands you’ll want to pay attention to your neck. There’s the possibility that pinched nerves in the neck are causing your symptoms.

Can you elicit thumb pain by bending them back or stretching them in any particular direction?


Thanks for the reply!
Sometimes if I hold my hand straight out to my side like im gonna be pinned to a cross and i try to flex my wrist so the back of my hand is towards me (like im directing traffic) I get the pain in my thumb.

I also did a stupid thing and basically I work at a standing desk… which is great for my back, but one day i decided to sit down and had to reach up to type and that was bad for my wrists and everything!


Try using the wrist roller a couple times a week. Knuckles “back” and knuckles “forward.”

Holding your arms/hands at a funny angle all day working overworks some parts of your hands/wrists/thumbs, while underworking other parts. Like making your hand a twisted claw.

The wrist roller, going both ways, is easiest way to make sure everything in your fingers/hands/wrist/forearms is getting some work. And while “tops” of your hands are wrists work, the “bottoms” stretch. And vice versa. It’s great.


thanks. I guess I can try that.
I just feel somehow blood isnt getting to my finger tips.
As I type this my thumbs are somewhat annoyed and when i use my scroll wheel my finger starts hurting…
It’s just no good with me…