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Pains Here and There

   I've been lifting for about a year, and have already started to get some specific pains, which I'm not happy about.

One, my spinal erectors are quite strong compared ot the rest of my body, i never get lower back pain, can do hypers with 75lbs on my back etc, but i get a sharp pain between my scapula, like the top thoraxic/ bottom cervical vertebrae. i just finished some deadlifts today and thats where im sore.

what exercises can strengthen these erectors? front squats? good mornings?

Two, i have knee pain in my right knee, its okay when i squat deep ( i squat really really deep) but if i try something like a lunge or a leg extension, theres also a sharp pain right above the patella, whats the deal with this? am i fucking up on form?

i take 2 flax caps and 2 fish oil caps with every meal so about 12 efas per day, i really want to fix these problems. i can ease the back pain with bridges and a roller, but the knee one im stumped


the chiropractor worked wonders for my knee pains


Hey schultzie. It is very difficult to say without seeing you perform these exercises. However, I reccomend you start doing lots of overhead shrugs to prevent scapular winging.

When you do regular barbell shrugs do you seem to have any issues activating your trapezius muscles?

I used to get knee pains when I did lunges. I was a lot weaker with the movement than I wanted to believe, and I thought that the squat had greater carryover to the lunge than it did. I know that in my case the knee was straying inwards and this caused problems - but again I cannot determine if your form is good or bad.

It might be that you hurt your knee with some lift ages ago and it hasn't healed. In any event I reccomend getting some knee wraps and using them after a generalized warmup to keep the knees healthy.


i may think about the wraps, and about once a year i get a chiro adjustment.

you are probably right, i alway hate lunges and never do them, i guess im going to have to just suck it up

i never really though i had a scap problem, i do lots of wall slides, facepulls, and overhead rotation, perhaps yeah the overhead shrug is the way to go, ill work on that.... right now lol but the pain is not in the shoulder, its the spine, right in the middle

thanks for the ideas, and i dont do shrugs, my traps grow decent enough from deadlifts and its no in my program right now (5x5)


Yeah I hear that, I have never put shrugs (except for overhead shrugs) into my own programs in my life. However, the trapezius muscles can shut down, especially with a lot of heavy deadlifting.

Doing barbell shrugs is an excellent way to tell if you have a serious problem - see if you can actually activate your traps with the movement next time you're in the gym.


okay doing a little rehab in my room right now ( i have a chinsy 100lb weider barbell) i can do shrugs just fine, the trap has great rom. when im doing overhead shrugs with about 50lbs, the rom is good too, but i get a sorta smooth gravelly/crunchy feeling up my neck where the trap attaches. should the bar be behind or infront of my head when i do overhead shrugs.

i like to do lots of rehab work, i stretch, use a roller (its pvc from home depot, hurts), and do hot/cold showers too, im thinking a rehab day 1 or 2 times a week would be good with like external rotator, overhead shrugs, wall slides, pvc roller, and light lunges


alright update yeah i know i post alot, one legged lunges @bodyweight, the left leg = totally smooth and strong, the right = rice crispies


is there any burning sensations accompanied with the sharp pains in your upper back?


no, no burning, its almost like when you grind your back against a hard plastic chair, the noise it makes (if your spine sticks out enough)... its like... its "hopping" over something, it seems to go away with a wider grip, maybe that was my problem.

i still think it's not scapula related though, i think its weak upper erectors, like when i deadlift my lower back does give, maybe my upperback gives in the middle of the pull and i dont notice