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pains after squattin


WWhen ever i finish squattin and i m gettin readyt to go back home, my hams and groin start to tighten up. I dont know y. The day after is hell.(I luv it) When i sit on the john, my ass and hams hurt horribly. My quads only midly hurt. Any one know y? Maybe it could have something to do that i am fairly new to workin my legs.(tc set me straight on this area)


Are you using the ephedrine-caffine stack? This can lead to cramping over long-term use. However I think you need to start streching, especially your hip flexors. Lie on the floor and pull your knee towards your chest and at that point pull your knee across your chest. You should feel the stretch in your hip and butt-cheek which may help.


You probably just have longer femurs (thigh bones) then the average person so when you squat your butt gets more recruitment then your quads....either this or you could be leaning too far over as you reach parallel...Check your technique to make sure it's correct...if it is then you know it's just due to the way you are built.


i dunno, i get this some times too. i would be interested in this