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Painkillers and Muscle Growth?

As some of you know I had a DBL Lung Tx (Transpalnt) an am lately w/ the beriimatric pressure of the hurricanes an cold snaps; my arthritis is acting up. I can�??t take reg advil due it bing anti-inflammatory, so do LoriTabs/Tylenol inhibite muscle growth recovery?

I’ve tried researching it in diff medical publications but to no avail.
Should I just stop for now are just wait till all done w/ the course of meds.It will be a cpl months through autumn/winter.

The pain is only in my chest where the incision (cut armpit to armpit) is,my legs,arms,back. they are all fine. How about just quitting direct chest work.It will only be for about 6 months. This is what my Tx physician is suggesting.

Any help is appreciated.

If you can still train hard, eat right and get enough sleep, this shouldn’t be a problem.

tylenol is NOT an NSAID. at least according to their website so i think its pretty valid.

if you really cant lift then you cant lift dude. i mean you did just have lung surgery its not like you scraped your knee.

maybe taking the tylenol and see how it goes. keep talking to your doctor and see what else he can reccomend i dont want to start telling you to take every prescription drug on the planet when i got a D in Biology.

holy hell, man.
lung transplant?
listen to the doctor!
don’t get me wrong, I admire your commitment to the iron.
and I don’t mean don’t lie motionless in the recliner for 6 months if you can help it, but let everything heal up before you resume regular training.

best of luck with your recovery.