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Painkillers and Gear

I’m 6 weeks into a test e and primo cycle. I had a root canal and was proscribed Vicodin for the pain. Is it safe to take the pain killers while on gear?



As long as you swallow them without water! (House MD)

Just a word of caution, bro; opiates, while safe to take with testosterone, cause significant testosterone reduction. Opiates reduce sex drive and the other benefits of testosterone as well, obviously since they reduce your test levels. There is a lot of information even a simple Google search can provide you about this and you can consider and weight out the options of how much you’re taking, how long you’re taking pain meds (opiates are morphine, vicodin/hydrocodone, percotect/oxycodone/oxycontin), etc., but just an fyi. You don’t want to reduce what you could potentially be gaining on your cycle if you can avoid it. Realistically, a few won’t hurt you, but if you take high enough or consistent doses you’ll notice the difference.

They appear to do so by interfering with the HPG axis and reducing LH, though, which is already suppressed on a cycle.

I couldn’t find any evidence that they decrease circulating testosterone. In fact, exogenous testosterone is used to treat opiod-induced androgen deficiency in patients who must use opiods to manage chronic pain.