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Painfull Splints Up the Side of Forearm


over the past few months, I have developed this horrible pain going up the side of my forearm. it almost starts at my wrists, and goes halfway up the side of my forearm. I can only compare it to shin splints. Its so bad that Ive had to cut out a lot of curl workouts, as well as some tricep workouts.

It even hurts whenever Im not working out. Im not too big on taking ibuprofen and other pain pills. but at this point, any advice on anything would be helpful. ibuprofen or not. im actually feeling it at this very moment as I type. AAAHHHHH!!!! I just want it to go away!


I had a compound harline fracture in my right arm a while back. It hurt like a mother to do curls. It could be minor tendonitis. You may be able to just out train it, but I would advise seeing an orthopedic doctor as he is better suited to meeting your needs than some random dude on the internet.

Try RICE and then if it doesnt go away or is severley hurting (7 or greater on a scale from 1 to 10) then you should seek professional advice.



thanks a lot, bro. appreciate it. I hate to say it, but I have cut my curl workouts in half. it really sucks, but the pain isnt as severe now.