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Painfull looking

Prepare yourself for this pic.

Have you seen this one?


Warning… Very graphic!

Here is a tuffy. If you had your choice between the two weight lifting injuries, which one would you pick?

That looks like a pain in the ASS. LOL that is freakin nasty. I would go for the broken leg. I guess he did not practice his sphinkter exercises.

yeah, dude needs that sphincter exercise book. That’s pretty rank, man. I’d rather have the broken leg. At least you can train upperbody with that. If you had your organs outside your ass, you can’t even hold a forceful breath anymore.

Solo… Didn’t mean to hijack your post. I probably wouldn’t have a hard time with a broken leg, but that particular photo looks SO bad that I am hesitant to say that I would go for that. He has a major compound fracture, and is probably crippled for life. At least with a prolapsed bowel you can heal up and go back to lifting. I don’t know. They both look pretty harsh!

You people are … just freaky… Ack…you guys scare me. LOL. I don’t want neither of injuries!


Jp no pronblem. I think I would take the leg. Atleast I would not be afraid to fart for the rest of my life.

That ass picture is just wrong. Way wrong. Dude I can’t get that image out of my head. I showed it to my wife. She did not think as comical as I did though.

well since we are talking about injuries this is one that has haunted me since day one http://vatican.rotten.com/motorcycle/
Id rather have both of those injuries adn not this one.

P.S. Under no circumstances should that be viewed. Its the worst picture in the word. I am sorry

If it is the one I am thinking of I really don’t want to see it again. Is it the one with the guy whose face was ripped off below the nose in a motorcycle accident? His tongue hanging freely with no jaw? It is a pretty rough picture. Rotten.com and freakhole.com are both way too harsh for me. I don’t consider myself a delicate person, but those images really disturb me.

I made the mistake of showing my wife the prolapsed bowel photo as well… She is STILL pissed at me two weeks later!

This is completely irrelevant to training. Let’s not pollute the forum with imagery that exists for the sole purpose of shock value.



Here’s the link you were trying to post earlier. It is MUCH worse than the others.

Too late illbill22,
That is fucking gross! Everything on the Rotten site is disgusting. I’d still like to know why they wouldn’t have taken the pic with the body laying down? Why the hell is it sitting up?

Even though I am curious to see it I think I will take your description Jp and leave it to my imagination.

OHHHHH MYYYYYY GOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD are u freakin kidding me. That is disgusting. How is that dude alive and not passed out in pain. AHHHHHHHH that is gross. Bastards had to put that up didn’t ya. Dude man I cant eat my breakfast now.

Dude, he is alive, so he can sit up if he wants to. If you look closely, he is sticking his tongue out.

Sorry guys, this stuff doesn’t gross me out. It just goes to show human stupidity.

The one with the guys butt is faked. Its already made its way around the powerlifting boards.