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Painfull Forearms

I’ve been training for a long time 15 years, now I’ve been getting pain in both my forearms, just like shin splints but on the forearms, It gets bad towards the end of a training session. Arm exercises like barbell curls and forearms exercises are particularly painfull and limited on weight due to the pain. It gets better between workouts but then is back to its painfull state by the end of the workout. How can I fix this? is it due to my incorporating dead lifts into my program over the last 6 months ?

Both my brother and I have the same problem. It manifests itself mostly on barbell curls and preacher curls. During the sets are okay but when you finish and let go of the bar, whoa, mad pain shooting through the forearms. It hasn’t happened with deadlifting, though. I am interested in seeing what remedies people might have. Also, my grip is fine from a host of heavy deadlifting. Thanks!

Often caused by gripping too tight.

I get a pain sometimes where it feels like my bone is going to snap in half? Anyone know the problem?

I had/have a similar problem and am nearly fingers crossed over it. Mine was due to excess chins.
I changed to CT’s HTT a few weeks ago and this has worked well for recovery.

Now I only do chinups and pullups for bi work but when I used to curl I had that problem. Only had it with preacher curls. Hammer and reverse curls were fine.

Forgot to mention I read somewhere, I think in this forum, that it’s caused by not having your wrists neutral during a curl. So maybe why chinups don’t bother people as much is because they force you to keep your wrists straight.

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There was a post a while back regarding this issue. I too have had it. I think the consensus was that you have to watch the angle of your wrist as you curl. If it is not inline with the forearm it tends to put some stress on it. Other than rest and ice, I used Wobenzym and it went away within 3 weeks of taking Wobenzym several times a day, like it never happened.

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Thanks for all your help, I think it could be because I was inclining my wrists, I will try not to do that and hopefully my problem will be gone.