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Painful winstrol injections?

Hi guys, I have a question for you.I’m currently on a test prop/winny cycle. This is the first time I’m using winny, and I would like to hear your expiriences. I shoot (1 cc, 50 mg, using insulin pin) first injection in the glute, and everything was fine. Two days after I shoot the second one in my thigh. Whoooaah! Well it hurts like hell. This was my first thigh shot ever, I worked legs an hour before (now I think this was not such a good idea). The pain was not something special after injectoin, but it woke me during the night (I slept on my right side). Well, the pain was constant until morning, thet it started to fade (it hurted only when moving my leg) Until afternoon it was allmost gone, no swelling or anything. I went to training and did a 15 minut cardio session at the end. My muscles were warm, and I didn’t feel pain, but after… It hurts like hell when I move my leg, and I got a very mild swelling. The spot around injection is not red, it was a bit warmer, but now it seems normal. The swelling is on the surface of the leg, I don’t feel lump deeper in the quad. I don’t have fever, but this pain concerns me. An abscess maybe, or is this normal when using winny? I must say that I can tolerate prop without any noticeable sides. I would appreciate any feedback, since I must take my third shot today.

ahhhhhhhh, the pain of winstrol. I know that very well. If the area is warm, red and there is any discharge then it is possible you have infection. Warm and red could just be a bruise. I do 90% of my shots in my quads and about half of them cause me to limp a bit. I had a similar experience with winny once in the quad and it was the last time I used it there. I feel pain when injecting winstrol. I can feel the solution as its injected and moving about, and it feels like someone is pinching me real hard. If the pain doesnt go away in a few days, see a doctor. Rememer this, you are slightly injuring yourself everytime you inject, which will cause bruising and swelling (even if you dont see it), you also are always using your legs, enhacing the pain from the bruising and slowing the healing process. Try shoulder injections for your winny. Oh, the reason the 1/2inch didnt hurt in your glute is because I doubt you reached the muscle, unless you are a freak and have 0 bf on your ass.

if you shot glutes with a slin pin the chances are you never got the solution IM. secondly. if you are shooting the prop with the winny then my bet is the pain is from the prop. prop tears me up. i have never had pain issues from winny since it is not suspended in the solution using BA which is the standard way of suspending steroids in oil. the BA is what causes the burn.

If you didn’t get an infection from your first injection, and you used good aseptic technique on your second, chances are it is not an infection. From my own experience, I have found that quad injections are much more painfull then any other conventional spot. It may help a little next time (if you didn’t do this) to do the injection with your leg extended rather than flexed.

Winny can hurt, so can prop. If it continues to stay warm or inparticular starts to turn ugly then worry. Otherwise the pain should subside gradually.

well how big is your insulin pin? You should be shooting about an inch and a half into your quad. It should also be within a 5 or 6 inches from your wasteline. Just be a little cleaner with your next injection and if the same bs happens, ditch that winny.

what brand of winny is this? i have used tokkyo and it fucking hurt so bad that i could barely walk. get some empty capsules, inject into the capsule and swallow if the pain is too much.

zambon and denkall is the only winny i have use IM and for me gives no pain. i usually shoot bi’s and delts though. zambon is the best on the market as far as i am concerned. very high quality gear.

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“i have never had pain issues from winny since it is not suspended in the solution using BA which is the standard way of suspending steroids in oil. the BA is what causes the burn.”

drago, what is used in water based gear if ba is not used?

Bros, thanx for your commentaries. Well, three days have past, and the pain is starting to subside. The swelling grew a bit it is a bit warm, but it didn’t turn red. It seems that the swelling grows bigger when I use my legs too much (walking, long car drives etc.), but it gets smaller after puting something cold on it. Drago, I didn’t mix the prop with winny, so the pain is strictly from winny. I took another prop shot, and it went without any problems.I think I’ll swallow the rest of it. Could you give me some advice on this topic, can I just crack the ampule and swallow the content, or should I mix it with something? Oh, BTW it’s a zambon winny, 50 mg/ml. Thanx again guys for all the help!

did you consider using your delts? the injection itself may hurt a bit, and there may be some pain, but the pain should be less than that of your quad, and since you use your shoulders less, the area should heal much quicker.

pdog… it isnt suspended. let an amp of winstrol sit for a couple days. untouched. then look at it. the micronized particals fall out of the solution which is why one should always shake there amps and vials before drawing up. that is why winstrol depot can be taken orally. it is simply powder mixed in bacteriostatic water.

oh ok makes sense. thanks

JT: yeah, it seems that delts are the way to go. The thing is that I have problems with my left shoulder, so I automatically took them out of the equation. I should reconsider that now. But I think that I’ll take the next two doses orally (I know that I should increase the dosage for cca. 30%). I’m pissed because I won’t be able to do squats this week. Well, it could be worse (abcess, etc.), so I shouldn’t be bitchin’ too much.
Drago: should I sip the winny just with some water, should I do this after a meal?

hey man the winny is a watewr base it works right on injections, and its good in the blood stream for 48 to 72 hous on the other hand the prop has a high alcohal content thats why somet times it feels like you have a steel ball where ever you shoot it, but if it fucking hurt reel bad start doing after injections iceing the area

he’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

P-22 I thought I remembered reading about you saying winny for spot injections ( in your arms) are effective. Can you elaborate? I’ve hit both mine once this week. 1/2 cc in each 50 mgs. Not too comfortable but my peaks look better than ever. Is it dangerous to train bi’s after they’ve been injected/still hurt?

i train muscles within a few hours of injections and never had an issue other than some pain at the site. probably due to muscle trauma. this includes, bi’s and delts.

Thanks bro. Anyone else.

Yes actually I was doing some reading a while back- I can’t remeber the exact source now (my sugar deprived brain) but the source was metioning a pro BB who religiously uses V to bring out more definition and quality in his tricepts for competition. The source said that it gave better quality, and striation to the muscle! Pretty exiting! I have been doing tren lately in the bis and tris but am getting some zambons for next week to try - will be using these all the way into my competition, so I will keep you posted on how well this method works. P-22