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Painful Tren Ace/Test P Injections at Every Site


I started tren ace (100mg/ml) and test p (100mg/ml) from a UG source about a week ago doing .5 ml of each, 1 ml total ED rotating left and right quad, left and right asscheek, and left and right delt.

I'm getting identical and very painful reactions to the injection regardless of site, starting 12-24 hours post injection, with redness, heat and swelling at a spot adjacent or slightly downstream of where the pin went in. My first worry was abscesses, but the reaction typically subsides within 72-96 hours, so it seems more like an acute sterile reaction.

My hunch is this is due to high benzoyl alcohol in the juice, but it's hard to say for sure -- in part because I've never had any issues at all with pinning, and my experience includes putting 3ml of 200+mg/ml gear in either quad in a single injection.

1) Am I right to suspect high BA, or is there another possible explanation?

2) What's the play here? Heating pads/hot showers have been useless. Should I stick a pin in the vial and boil off some alcohol? Cut with a neutral injectable oil (and if so, can you get injectable oils in the drug store? I'd like to resolve this today if possible).

Thanks bros.


Its the prop. Some people get pain from the prop ester.

You can not buy sterile oil in a drug store.


Thanks. Any way to make the prop go easier or will I need to stick with long test esters?


Do you warm up the oil before injecting? sometimes it helps to run your syringe with oil in it under warm water. Make sure the needle cap is secure and tight. prop in my quads is the only place it hurts, I use them anyway.


however you can buy filters at the same place you buy pins and make your own sterile oil from cold pressed grapeseed oil and cut the prop


I get really bad pain and swelling from propionate ester as BONEZ said. I couldnt find any way out of it, tried warming up vial, injecting 1ml per site, none of it worked. Some of us are just not right for prop.


Before I took the last shot 24 hours ago, I boiled off some BA from the vials, then cut the gear 1:1 with sterile cottonseed oil and ran the loaded syringe under hot water before shooting in my left glute. Deadlift training went off without a hitch this morning (get it?) and although there's a little bit of irritation, it's nothing that will interfere with training. Thank god. Now let's find out if tren lives up to the hype. Isn't it great when a steroid story has a happy ending?