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Painful Pumps on Cycle

I’m a new user. I am running 500mg tes e per week, 1oo mg npp eod, and 50mg winny tabs ed. I am experiencing painful pumps in my delts and forearms when I train, so much so that my workouts are starting to be compromised. Is there anything I can do to alleviate this problem? Thanks in advance for any tips.

Reduce dosages? Maybe

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I guess that’s an option. I am setting new personal bests on a regular basis and would hate to slow up progress. I was wondering more along the lines of some kind of anti-inflammatory.

How new of a user. Is this your first cycle? How long is the cycle/how far into are you?

I meant new to this site. This is my third cycle. I started running dianabol @ 50 mg ed with deca durabolin @ 400 mg pinning bi-weekly with the same amount of tes that I am using now. I got six weeks in and I wasn’t seeing the gains I wanted compared to the loss in libido and water retention. I dropped the dbol and deca in favor of the winny and npp. I am about four weeks in and plan to keep going until the first week of February.

Winstrol is going to be working against you in the pumps/joint pain department. I did a whole little write up of it last week. I’ll dig it out if you’re interested. But the tldr version is Winstrol is a pro-inflammatory drug and it’s also know for giving some decent pumps. Everyone and their mother will recommend taurine as a solution. I’ve tried it and got no benefit, but tons of guys swear by it. I’d try that first since it could be a cheap and easy fix.

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I was gonna say taurine is the go to. Also cardarine GW has been said to work as well make sure your getting adequate potassium/electrolytes.

Taurine 4g/day100% worked for me on anadrol. First time I tried Dbol the back pumps killed me and i quit after 2 weeks, im going to give dbol another shot with the taurine soon and hope it works then also.

I appreciate the help guys. I am going to try the taurine. Thanks.