Painful "Pump" in Shins

Hi guys,
I have always struggled with a painful “pump” feeling in my shin area when running for as long as I can remember, however since gaining a huge amount of weight (the bad kind) I get them walking and sometimes find myself having to stop until the pain goes away, although it comes back rather easy after the initial onset.

Does anyone have tips to deal with this? I tried a google search with “painful pumped shins” and all I got was loads of advice about dealing with it whilst using steroids… I definitely do not use steroids so I’m a bit lost lol !

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  1. This guys stuff is great try this and look up other vids on his channel…
  1. Sounds like you need to lose the weight like yesterday. Run through T Nation programs like this…
    8 Rules for Fat Loss Training | T Nation
    Diet: try something like this…
    One Hundred Gram Carb Cure | T Nation

Currently on a blast of test/tren/dbol and I am experiencing the exact same shin “pump” pain. Its on and off, worst while walking uphill. Its making steady state cardio unbearable. Seems to get worse as the day progresses, so I play squash or go for a jog at 5am.

Train your calves, soleus, and your tibialis anterior muscles. I.e. straight legged and bent legged/seated calf raises, and dorsiflexion exercises. That’s what fixed mine - used to get them in the Marines, and it made life miserable. My shins were just weak - that’s why not neglecting the front of your lower leg is a good idea - the back gets all the love usually.

And if you haven’t, spend a chunk of money on high quality running shoes.

EDIT: I missed the part where you gained a ton of weight. @RampantBadger is spot on: make losing that weight a priority. For more than just your shin’s sake.


This old thread popped up for me and I just noticed this helpful advice…


I love how not only did I miss him gaining weight, I missed him advertising porn. I did always lose points on tests for not reading the question all the way through…