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Painful Post IM Injections to Thighs. Any Advice?

I’m using 25g, 5/8 to inject 0.35ml of test to thighs. I’ll feel a little pinch, a little discomfort while injection, be fine, but the next 3 days the injected thigh is really sore. I’m on my 2nd week of injection, the HCG subq injections to stomach are painless, but I don’t want to inject t-cyp subQ to belly.

The soreness can be so bad the 2nd day that I have to limb a bit on the affected leg. Should I switch to a higher gauge needle? Or should I try a different spot? Maybe deltoid?

Try different spots on your leg (best spot for me is vastus lateralus). Other muscles are good to hit too, I use my pec and deltoid.

I still get sore spots every now and then even if I have a smooth injection, it will get better the better you get at injecting. I use 27g 1/2 inch.

I use 29G insulin syringes, there are places it’s painful to inject and places where I feel nothing.

Shoulders.are pretty painless with High gauge. Sub q is even better and works for me and many other people. You can load both test and hcg into the same syringe and have zero lost t.

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Inject in the green areas I circled. You will never have pain, or even see a blood drop again. Close to the mid line, mid section. The further away you go, the more pain and blood…

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Careful with that bit it tends to be a bit more fatty so it using smaller needles could be sub q

I tried deltoid today and it’s painfree with the 25g 5/8, so far it’s been 12 hours since injection and no pain at site.